Sideshow Collectibles – Boba Fett Mythos Statue – Review

Boba Fett Mythos


I’m hoping to make this series of reviews on Statues and collectibles of that nature, although not often as they are expensive. The latest addition to my collection is this piece by Sideshow Collectibles. This a piece in the line of statues called Mythos, from the Star Wars universe. Each of the statues in this line, show characters from the Star Wars universe in a fitting dramatic moment. I immediately was impressed by the look of this Boba Fett statue, I immediately went out and pre-ordered myself one. Generally speaking, these kind of statues have a limited run and as few as 250 pieces can be produced so its important to buy early because prices will soar on ebay after all are sold.


This particular piece is made of polystone; typically a more durable material compared to resin statues from companies such as Bowen. The smaller pieces have a bit of elasticity, so they will be harder to break than more brittle materials. Polystone is also chosen because of the amount of detail that can be added to a piece and sure enough this Boba Fett piece has a lot of detail. The way the folds in his clothing looks, all the pockets and seams look fantastic. It is amazing how much detail was given to his array of weapons that are on him, blasters, rifles, knives and even some lightsabers as trophies he’s collected. As a lot of the figures and statues from Sideshow, this piece also comes with different attachments. This particular piece comes with two guns that can be replaced on Boba Fett’s left hand, his blaster and a long range sniper blaster rifle. The statue stands at about 19″ with the blaster and 26″ with the ridiculously long rifle. Below you can see how the statue compares to a standard sized apple.


I would highly recommend this to any Star Wars and especially to the hardcore Boba Fett fans, this is a fantastic representation of the badassary of Boba Fett. The price tag may shock any people out there who may not be familiar with pricing on statues but I really think this piece is worth it, considering the amazing detail and paint job this piece received. Currently it is going for $324.99 at the Sideshow Collectibles website and is limited to a run of 2500 pieces.


Stay tuned for more statue reviews and comment below if there are any particular statues you would like to see reviewed.



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