Sideways #1 Review

Written by: Kenneth  Rocafort, Dan Didio, & Justin Jordan

Art by: Kenneth Rocafort

Published by: DC Comics

DC’s Spider-man is here!

Derek is an everyday American teen, and honestly, exploring that makes him interesting. He has everyday friends, everyday family, and goes to an everyday school full of jocks, teachers that don’t understand him, and everything else that’s mundane. He is also caught up in the whole events of Metal, which ended up giving him abilities.

Exploration of his regular life is where the book shines the most, however. It’s not condescending; it’s not trying to take itself too seriously. It clearly knows what it is.

The dialogue in this book shines above everything else–nothing seems forced. It feels like these are conversations friends could have before or after school. It does feel that these would be a reaction of a teenager getting powers.  It is not trying to break any new ground as stories like these have been told with Blue Beetle series for DC, or as I have stated before, it has a lot of similarities with Spider-man.

Rocafort does the art in this issue as well and the attitude oozes off of a every page, every panel. To smallest minute details of Ernestine’s slippers and her “school outfit” to the cityscapes, it all has a purpose and it gives a better insight in this world. He makes this world feel lived in and interesting and he clearly enjoyed drawing every panel of this book.

Sideways is a part of the New age of Heroes, and it does look like it could be a standout from the others. It is a much better book than Damage as that book seemed very generic . Sideways gives us a hero we can actually cheer for, because we could see ourselves in him. Derek and the supporting cast all feel  unique and they don’t feel like they are recycled from other books.