Skyward #3 Review

Written By: Joe Henderson

Art By: Lee Garbet

Published By: Image Comics

The shit finally hits the fan in Skyward #3 or should I say the stratosphere? Either way, it’s too bad it just isn’t interesting.

It didn’t take long for Barrow to reveal his true self as a few pages into the third issue, he locks Willa’s magnetized shoes to the floor and just kicks the crap out of her. The biggest problem here though, is the fact that it’s all so predictable. While we all knew he was going to be a jerk, having him beat up a young woman who just came to him for help seems a bit like overkill too. He only tries to find out where her dad is once or twice before breaking out the fists and letting them fly and it feels wholly unnecessary and just makes Barrow out to be more of a coward and less of a villain. Even if that’s the direction they were going for, it still doesn’t work the way they intended it too as Barrow is still pretty new to the readers.

After those first few pages though, Willa quickly escapes and the rest of the issue just because one long chase/escape scene. There’s a whole lot of fluff with some minor revelations about some of Willa’s friends. You don’t see any more of Barrow at all as Willa makes some office workers panic about their jobs in an attempt at humor and runs from the cops. It suffers from the same issue that the first issue did in that it’s just so freaking boring which is unfortunate because I felt it was going in a better direction after reading the second issue.

It’s rather unfortunate for Skyward honestly because I really felt it was starting to aim itself in the right direction. However, #3 seems to be back on the path of boring and uninteresting. Barrow’s villainous reveal is just too poorly executed to have any real impact. We knew he was the bad guy already. Briefly imprisoning Willa and beating on her was just unnecessary, especially if he wanted to find her dad.