South Park The Fractured But Whole Review

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release date: October 17, 2017

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Its time for the New Kid to don his (or her!) costume and fight alongside the rest of The Coon and Friends as the forces of evil descend upon streets of South Park.. as they go searching for a missing cat to fund their super hero franchise.

Fractured But Whole starts off after the events of the “Franchise Prequel” episode in season 21. The kids have split off into two groups. The first group has formed their own franchise while the second has hung their capes and cowls to return to the simpler time of fantasy and sticks with the New Kid as the reigning king. The Coon however, travels back in time and convinces them to reform the Coon and Friends franchise with the New Kid being welcomed into the fold.

You’ll relive your tragic backstories in the form of flashbacks.

Even though you start out as a lowly assistant with a “tragic” origin story, it isn’t long before you rise through the ranks as the kids delve deeper into the dark conspiracy consuming the town. The story is consistently funny, even though it never quite reaches the same highs as Stick of Truth does. Doubly so if you’re not a fan of the show and miss out on all the great references that have been made over the last few years. My biggest complaint about the story though is that the ending absolutely drags on far too long, despite being quite funny. I also found the strip club sequence a little awkward, especially since I played as a girl this time around to experience the dialogue changes.

Much of the elements in Fractured But Whole remain the same but this time around, the New Kid relies on his (or her) powers instead of weaponry. As you win battles and complete the challenges located in your character sheet, your Hero rank will increase, allowing you to equip more “artifacts” that boost your party’s stats. You’ll start out choosing one super hero class and unlock more as you play, so you’re not stuck with one class. You can mix and match you powers at any time.

The town is full of goofy mini games like this one.

Combat has seen the most attention in Fractured But Whole. Battles are still turn-based, but now you have the option of moving your party around on a grid. Various attacks also feature knock back and pull effects so that enemies and allies alike can be shoved around the grid or even into other characters. Utilizing your party members appropriately can lead to some amazingly effective combinations or place you in dire positions. The New Kid also has an arsenal of “Glitch Farts” to help gain the upper hand, and knowing when to use them is the key to victory.

I did run into a few bugs, however, and there are a couple of obnoxious boss fights with specific conditions. One boss towards the end of the game charged forward and shoved two of my party members down the grid, getting them stuck under the boss and completely disabling them. I couldn’t move them to another square or attack or do anything. I had to load up a checkpoint and do the whole boss battle again. Outside of that one instance, the game seems to get a little confused during some transitions mid battle, like using Tupperware’s ultimate. He pilots a flying tupperware mech that shoots a round of missiles, but one time I was never able to actually use the missiles. He just flew in, hovered for a moment, and then flew away.

The Great Wall of Canada!

Outside of battle, the town is pretty much the same, only now its filled with plenty of new references from both the show and the aftermath of The Stick of Truth. There are plenty of hidden treasures around the town, and you’ll be seeking out every nook and cranny to find every Tweek x Craig yaoi drawing and take every selfie you can with the citizens of South Park to increase your Coonstagram following. There’s plenty of costumes to find and craft to fit your super hero style as well. You won’t have access to all of South Park right away, however, but thanks to a little help from your friends, you can use the New Kids magical farts to reach new heights or access previously restricted areas of the town.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is another funny romp through the streets of South Park. While it never quite hits the highs of Stick of Truth, I did spend a good 20 hours getting reacquainted with the town and the wacky shenanigans that ensued. While I read other reports of people having issues with bugs that prevented story progression, I only had a minor issue that was resolved via reloading a checkpoint.