Spider Rank! The Spider-Man movie Villains!

With the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2 today, there will be a grand total of !! (One short of a nice top 10) Spider-Man villains to have made the cinematic big screen. Granted one villain name is shared amongst 3 people, but they are still different performances. With that we figured it would be a neat idea to rank them all considering ranking things is what we in comics like to do…so here it is, the not quite top 10 Spiderman villains in movies , in ascending order.

The villains were ranked based on factors such as importance to the plot, quality of performance and such. The list is subjective



#9: The Rhino:

Identity: Alexei Systevich

Actor: Paul Giamati

Movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Info: Alexei Systevich was a Russian mobster, who volunteered for a program to create threats to specifically take out Spider-Man. As the Rhino, Systevich as access to incredible brute strength via the form of battle armor, with missles and machine guns attatched as well.

The Rhino gets set to battle Spidey

The Rhino gets set to battle Spidey


The reason The Rhino is last on the list, is simply due to lack of time to shine. Of all the villains he by far as the least amount of screen time, and is used as action scene fodder. His role as a villain overall may increase in potential subsequent movie appearances but we simply do not see much of him.

For the scenes he is in, he plays the role pretty well. To be blunt he is a goon,  pretty much mindless thug. This is kind of refreshing that the character was not victim of trying to be part of some elaborate role.


#8 Sandman:

 Identity: Flint Marko

Actor: Thomas Church

Appearance: Spider-man 3

Info: Flint Marko was a escaped convict, who had murdered Ben Parker. While on the run from police, Marko inadvertently fled into a open experiment on sand particles bonding his DNA with sand. This allowed him to change his form and be a powerful foe against Spider-Man. He ends up teaming up with Venom in an attempt to kill Spider-man

Fighting a guy made of Sand can be Spidey?

Fighting a guy made of Sand can be tough…eh Spidey?


OOOOOOHHHHH BOY, this retooling of  a classic story. Seriously though being part of a franchise disaster in Spider-man 3 was not doing Flint any favors, but the whole part about him actually killing Uncle Ben was just silly. The movie itself was a disaster and its hard to really come out of that with any good feelings towards Sandman. His whole gimmick seems to be that because his daughter is sick, he feels like what he does is ok. Spider-man forgives him at the end of the movie, which is just silly, but then again so is much of the movie, and this character was just a really odd choice. He was a threat to Spider-man, so at least there is that.

#7 Electro:

Identity: Max Dillon

Actor: Jamie Foxx

Appearance: The Amazing Spider-man 2

Info: An Electrician at Oscorp, Max Dillon had constantly felt under appreciated and invisible. After being saved by Spider-man, Max became obsessed with the wall crawler. A unfortunate accident merged his DNA with that of Electical Eels and gave him the ability to harness surrounding electricity and use it to create powerful energy. Anywher where there is electricity (and in New York that’s pretty much everywhere), Electro is a threat and is able to give even the Amazing Spider-man a run for his money.

He's charged up! (bad pun intended)

He’s charged up! (bad pun intended)


Since the movie is very fresh I will keep the details relatively vague and focus on the broad strokes. Electro is a very cool looking villain, and his fighting style allowed for some very entertaining scenes in the movie. However the character himself was just not a very good one, his reasons for being bad are very flimsy at best, and his turn against Spider-man was just odd. There is very little to this plot, and it really is  just a nerd raging on the world. I suppose there is some (albeit very little) foil to Peter and his path, but simply put Electro was not a great villain. It is cool to see him blow things up but it lacked any real weight behind it.


#6 Venom

Identity: Eddie Brock

Actor: Topher Grace

Appearance: Spider-Man 3

Info: After being disgraced by Peter Parker, who would cost him his job (though Brock was at fault as well) and take his girlfriend, there was no one Brock wanted dead more than Peter Parker. Luckily for Brock, he became infused with the great power of a alien symbiote, who had just ended its relationship with previous host…Peter Parker. Fueld by hatred Brock became Venom, a Spider-man like villain with all the same powers as Spider-man. Teaming up with the powerful Sandman, Brock attempted to kill Spiderman to enact revenge.

Venom on a diet

Venom on a diet


WELLLLLLLL Venom was certainly a huge fan favorite of many in the comics, it was no surprise they would look to include him in the movies. However the end result was very underwhelming. Simply put the feel and threat of Venom is just not right in this movie, and it appears the studio really pushed for his appearance as opposed to finding a organic story for the the villain to appear in. Topher Grace does a decent job, however he simply does not have the Eddie Brock look, actually quite the opposite being skinny as opposed to muscular. However unlike the other villains before him on this list, at least his motivations are clear and consistent throughout. He simply hates Peter Parker, and when given the power to kill him he attempt to act upon it. While not being a GREAT performance by any stretch of the imagination it is a very serviceable one, however fan expectations of this character are so high. Hopefully with his own solo movie slated to be made, the character will get its proper due.


#5 The Lizard

Identity: Dr. Curtis Connors

Actor: Rhys Ifans

Appearance: Amazing Spiderman

Info: Dr. Curtis Connors had gone through most of his life without his right arm. Through a genetic experiment merging his DNA with that of a Lizards for their healing abilities, Connors accidently turned himself into the monster known as the Lizard. Connors was a old friend of Peter Parkers dad Richard, and was even a mentor of sorts to Peter. As the Lizard however he is Peters enemy, and with vicious strength provides a dominant threat to Spider-man.

Everyone can be a lizard like me YAAARRRRRRGGGGGH !

Everyone can be a lizard like me YAAARRRRRRGGGGGH !

A very classic villain was given the keys to be the lead baddy in this reboot, and The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man was a mixed bag. Rhys Ifans himself did a fantastic job with the character Curtis Connors, and the arc of the man was very clear. His motivations are simple he wants to cure weakness including his own, he takes to Peter as they form a almost father and son like bond. However in this movie when we are dealing with the LIZARD in particular we get a much more average result. The Lizard just kind of makes Connors a bit less sane and he has a very “Just because” feel to his plans. He initially wants to kill Norman Osborne’s assistant for taking his formula, then wants to kill Peter for getting in his way… then wants to turn all of New York into Lizards because….. Well the point is the Lizard himself is a bit more bland and actually generic as a villain.

Visually the Lizard was done pretty well, and he is quite the thorn in Spider-mans side as he can match him physically and then some, also match him with wits. He also gets credit for a pretty big kill on his resume in terms of Captain Stacy, so he leaves a impact. The performance was great, the story could maybe of done a bit more with the character however.


# 4 The Green Goblin (Harry Osborne 2007)

Identity: Harry Osborne

Actor: James Franco

Appearance: Spiderman 3 (as Green Goblin), Spiderman 1-3 as Harry Osborne

Info: After seeing Spider-man bring his fathers dead body into his home, Harry Osborne vowed revenge on Spider-man. Using the villain known as Doctor Octopus, Harry actually had a chance to discover Spider-man’s identity as his long time childhood friend Peter Parker. Conflicted by this, Harry would then discover his fathers arsenal of Goblin weapons, inject the serum into him and take his fathers mantle. Armed with enhanced reflexes and formidable Oscorp technology the second Green Goblin is just as threatening as the first.

Like father like son

Like father like son



At this point in the list we will get a run of similarity due to the nature of this character. The reason we put Harry (original) so high on the list actually has to do with his over arching implications rather than the one movie where he engaged in the most hand to hand combat. Being a three movie character, we got to see Harry go from under achieving son, to hate filled mourner, to revenge seeking weapon. Harry’s hatred towards Spider-man  is what drives him and actually focuses his life for the first time. His relationship with Peter Parker makes the character that much more compelling. His performance as the actual Goblin was  a bit underwhelming, but it was due more to the material provided with. Harry Osborne in the original trilogy must be looked at as a whole package, and his expansive presence earns him this spot.

#3 The Green Goblin (Harry Osborne 2014)

Identity: Harry Osborne

Actor: David DeHaan

Appearance: The Amazing Spider-man 2

Info: After his father passed away Harry Osborne inherited his fathers massive corporation, however he also discovers he inherited a disease which ended up killing his father as well. He looks to his friend Peter Parker, who takes Spider-man’s pictures for the Daily Bugle, Harry believe that if Peter can convince Spider-man to give him a sample of his blood, he will be able to use it on himself to heal his condition. Spiderman declines the offer, fearing the risks. Harry being desperate manages to use the help of the villain Electro to break into classified areas of his fathers company, and take hidden spider venom. However the venom does not mix with his DNA and he gets worse, a high tech battle suit preserves his body at living condition and also allows him to take on Spider-man who he blames for this whole ordeal.

Very Creepy

Very Creepy



Without getting into too much of the specifics, this is a Harry Osborne that is more in line with the comics. He is not some pretty boy with some daddy issues, he actually is pretty intelligent, and ruthless as well. His main motivation is to simply survive but then he realizes that Spider-man is the true menace and will do what it takes to take away his hope. The two have a battle with epic consequences and without spoiling it, this Green Goblin does his part to earn this spot on the list. While Franco’s Goblin had more time to develop, this one is simply more menacing. The look also is pretty cool looking, probably the best Goblin design of all the movies, as the natural green skin is a nice touch.


# 2 The Green Goblin (Norman Osborne)

Identity: Norman Osborne

Actor: Willam Dafoe

Appearance: Spider-man

Info: CEO of a weapons manufacturer  OSCORP, Norman Osborne was under intense pressure to get his operations done in time for contract. Experimenting on a serum himself, Osborne became strong, agile, but also insane. With his board trying to push him out, Osborne went on a rampage under the moniker; The Green Goblin. With Spider-man presenting a challenge to his plans, Osborne attempted to convince him to team up with him. After that failed Osborne discovered Peter Parker was Spider-man and attacked those he love in order to get to Peter. WIth super strength and nimble reflexs along with a high tech “Goblin Glider” and various weapons the Green Goblin is one of Spider-mans greatest threats

Good old nostalgia!

Good old nostalgia!

What makes this Green Goblin head and shoulders above all else, is Dafoes performance and the character consistancy. Osborne never was a good guy, or a misunderstood misfoot  turned evil, he was a man who could easily be evil by himself, and when pushed to the edge he became the devil on a glider. He also earns points for being so precise in his attack on Peters personal life. This Green Goblin also was probably Spidey’s greats challenge of all the villains, as the Goblin would usually be one step ahead of Peter.

Sure the costume looked corny, but the execution of the character makes up for it. The scene on the bridge was just so classic, along with the Goblins demeanour throughout. Being the first Spiderman cinematic Villain does not hurt either, but do not be mistaken, nostalgia is not the only thing that lands him the second spot.

#1 Dr. Octopus

Identity: Dr. Otto Octavious

Actor: Alfred Molina

Appearance: Spider-man 2

Info: Dr. Otto Octavious was a scientist who was attempting to recreate the power of the sun. Using 4 mechanical arms neurologically attached to himself, Octavious came close to harnessing the power However the experiment went array and Otto lost his wife Rosie in the carnage, he also was bonded to the arms. The arms gained control over his inhibitions and he was decided to become a criminal in order to complete his research. He fights Spider-man in order to obtain rain Tridium from Harry Osborne. The mechanical arms allow him to scale buildings which makes his fights with Spiderman very equal.

Don't let him get his hands on you

Don’t let him get his hands on you

Simply put Spider-man 2 is the best Spider-man movie of all time, and it thank in large part to great character performances such as Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock. The character was one where you actually felt empathy for them, unlike most of the villains where the empathetic beats feel forced. His descent into crime is just right for the story. More so his battles with Spider-man are actually very epic, and this arms provide him with very intriguing fight scenes.

This character also gets the top spot because of the fact that he really beat Spider-man pretty bad, handing him on a silver platter for Harry to kill. Combined with the cool looking costume and the amazing performance Doc Ock simply wins!


So there you have it folks the We The Nerdy Ranks of the Spider-man movie villains. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment bellow.

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