Star Wars The Black Series: Rey and BB-8 Review

Posted September 8, 2015 by Jean-Luc Botbyl in Nerdy Bits

Considering that I’ve already decided that Rey and BB-8 are my favorite characters from The Force Awakens, this particular entry into the Black Series was one that I simply could not ignore. You get two great figures for the price one! Ok, well, only one of them is a full size figure, and the other kind of counts as an accessory, but who cares? IT’S FREAKING BB-8 AND HE’S AMAZING! Anyways, I guess I should get on to the actual product…

BB-8 is the standout part of this package. It’s clear that a ton of effort was put into the tiny astromech droid, and it really shows. This figure nails the beat-up look of the droid, while retaining its inherent cuteness, which is part of the draw. This figure is just as easy to love as the motorized one, and is significantly less expensive. There’s really only one point of articulation, which is the head. While that is pretty neat, I would have preferred that the rest of him spun, and left his head stationary. It’s not a huge complaint, just something that would have made this figure better. Also, through the power of the force, it can actually be tilted to either side without collapsing, meaning that you can make BB-8 look around corners and other such shenanigans. I have him at an angle, currently, as shown in the image below.

Rey’s figure is also pretty great. She has more points of articulation, so you can pose her in a variety of different ways. I’ve included a picture of how I have her posed, which is pretty boring, if I’m being honest. She is just sort of standing there, but if you wanted to, you could move her limbs into pretty much any pose you can imagine. I probably will be changing how I have the figure¬†displayed multiple times in the coming days, simply because, unlike Kylo Ren, she doesn’t really have an iconic pose yet. Rey’s staff is also a nice inclusion, and complements whatever pose you want to have her in nicely.

My one problem with Rey is that her face looks kind of off. For the most part, it’s fine, but it’s the one part of the figure that doesn’t have the same amount of care put into it that the rest seems to. At a distance, it’s virtually impossible to notice, so if your plan is to display the figure, it shouldn’t be a huge problem. When you get up close though, it becomes little bit more noticeable, and that’s slightly problematic.

All in all, at $20.00, this is probably the best value you’re getting out of the entire Force Awakens line of Black Series collectibles. It’s a quality product, and you’re essentially getting two great figures for the price you would normally be paying for just one figure and an accessory. Though I wouldn’t say it’s quite as awesome as Kylo Ren, this product is definitely pretty close.

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