Super Sons #4 Review

Written by: Peter Tomasi

Art by: Jorge Jimenez

Publisher: DC Comics

Super Sons continues its joyous trip and continues to be most fun book on the stands!

What Tomasi brings in this issue is more of the exploration of the dynamic between Damian and Jon. And when that is explored, and we just have playful banter between them is when the book is at its strongest. We have a lot of it here, not just between two of them, but even the foes they meet are referring to their dynamic and their relationship. There is a ton of humor here, but whats most important both Tomasi and Jimenez exude the passion for drawing these characters. They truly enjoy working on them and that is clearly evident in every panel of this book.

Yes the book can be not as serious as some of the other books but is with care these characters are getting here what is important. The book knows what it is and does that expertly. If the writing is corny at times, it is corny on purpose as some need to understand we are looking at these events through the eyes of kids. Some will have problems with the way Luthor or some other adults are portrayed in this book, but they are portrayed like that as we are viewing these events through the eyes of kids, and this is how they will see the world and events around them. Tomasi manages to bring that and of course the Jon/Dynamic to the forefront and it is what absolutely works here.

Jimenez’ art is fantastic as always. He has been knocking it out the park since issue 1 and this is no exception. From the wide shot action scenes to close ups, everything works. Every emotion or a quip that Damian and Jon throw at each other is portrayed so it is not over the top. Jimenez also manages with his art to really embody the fact these are kids, and they are playing, even though probably with things they should not.

Last panel of the book is what truly brings that point to the forefront, where Damian and Jon are confronted with their most dangerous foes.

Super Sons continues to be the shining example what all ages book can be. Everyone can get a ton of enjoyment out of it and as long these characters are written and drawn they were in these four issues, this book will continue to shine!