Superman #34 Review

Written by: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason

Art by: Doug Manhke, Ed Benes, Jack Herbert

Published by: DC Comics

The return of the Furies is upon us!

One of the most important reasons why Tomasi and Gleason were missedwas the lack of understanding of not just the main characters, but lack of supporting cast that shared the pages with them.

Superman #34 concentrates mostly on the Furies of Darkseid; moreover–and more importantly–it concentrates on Lois Lane. One can see just how focused Tomasi and Gleason are when writing these characters. It is also clearly evident that they understand the inner workings of Apokolips as well as how Granny Goodness and the Furies are portrayed. The writing in this chapter is very tight and to the point, never seeming that the story is going all over the place.

Gleason and Tomasi know what they want to accomplish with this story.

The art in this chapter supplements the story well, and the battle sequences are done with care, with Manhke and Benes’ art styles complementing each other without being too contrasting. Manhke and Benes are really good at expressive art. As such, this is a great return to form after several issues that seemed to be all over the place, and even though a few passed issues were not bad they, did not serve the lore of Man of Steel.

Superman #34 is a good return to form, and it is going to be interesting to see how this story ends. It could bring upon a return of one of DC’s favorite villains. The family dynamic that Tomasi and Gleason bring is as strong as ever, filling that requirement for a good Superman story as well!