Superman Unchained #8 Review

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Jim Lee

Publisher: DC

This was the issue we have been waiting for. Finally a huge action packed battle with Wraith and furthermore all the different strands were tied together beautifully.

The story was truly engrossing and this was attributed to both wonderful dialogue by Snyder and an incredibly drawn book by Lee. Not only did this issue feature the climax of the showdown between Wraith and Superman, but it did so in complete perfection.  Snyder, as he does best, used thought bubbles to perfection, as we often see in his Batman run, and really dissects what is going on in Superman’s head.  The majority of this issue was a brawl but somehow Snyder makes it feel like an epic story and a fresh take on brawls. People often say they can’t put their finger on how Snyder does it, but in my opinion it’s his use of the thought bubbles that play a huge part in making an action packed scene meaningful and memorable. The final part of this issue transitioned really nicely from full on action to intense narrative driven dialogue pulling the various series’ strands together nicely to really set up what we hope will be an intriguing and fantastic finale.

The major difference between this book and any other book on the DC shelves is the visuals. Never has a DC book looked so good. The art of Jim Lee is always incredible and consistent and this series has showcased that powerfully. But what makes this book stunning are the colours of Alex Sinclair. Some of the action scenes just literally pop off the page and it completely compliments, and furthermore, enhances Lee’s art which combined is just breathtaking in places and makes the purchase of this book worth it just for the way it looks.

It really is a shame this was the penultimate issue as this series has truly been one of the best Superman stories I have read. More often than not I find myself wondering why Superman is one of my favourite characters when really he doesn’t have that many rogues that can match his abilities and also a lot of the time he is not written that well as a character, so to finally have this series brought to us by this incredible creative team feels so bittersweet but we just have to savour the final issue when it comes out. And when it does come next month in its super-size it is one that is going to be truly savoured.