Superman Unchained #9 Review

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, & Alex Sinclair

Publisher: DC

A very large promise was made when this new Superman series began. You had the mega talented Scott Snyder about to start Zero Year, and you had the legendary Jim Lee on pencils. Scott Williams followed with inks, and Alex Sinclair followed with colors to bring this story completely to life. We were promised an exciting action packed story, with a lot of heart, and fantastic visuals. There have been some bumps in the road with delays, but this week saw the conclusion to this nine-issue series.

The entire point of the story, and the final image we see, is about leaping. Whether it’s a leap of faith or leaping into action is something up for debate. This is what we get from the whole team. We see Superman as he always is, and always meant to be. He jumps into action to perform a miracle and save the world. Superman accepts help from his nemesis, goes to fight an armada, and even when it’s an impossible feat he accepts anyway and goes on. What Snyder seems to be going for is that he fights impossible odds without really knowing what comes next. There is a flashback in this issue showing an unfortunate situation with a neighbor that ends in Clark making a big mistake. He doesn’t accept the situation and basically reverses it. He doesn’t know what’ll happen and just hopes for the best. I think that’s the best possible version of Superman we could hope for, and also the most relatable. He isn’t an invincible god too powerful for humanity. He may be an alien, but he’s just stumbling along struggling to figure it out as much as the next human. The last image of the book just screams it.

The flashback here, as they have been, were handled by Dustin Nguyen, and he does a great job at setting these apart from the modern day story. There’s a lot of power and subtlety needed in these flashbacks and Nguyen really nails it. John Kalisz’s colors really set the scene. The gold colors take the power within Clark and unleash them with his anger.

Superman Unchained #9 is a satisfying ending to this series and one that teaches us what it actually means to be Superman.