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Guardians of the Galaxy #20 Review

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Ed McGuinness and Valerio Schiti Published by: Marvel You ever get the feeling that a storyline is going on far longer than it needs to? This is definitely the case with the Original Sin...

All-New X-Men #32 Review

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Mahmud Asrar Publisher: Marvel All New X-Men is a great series, but man I could really go for a good straight X-Men story from it. So the one thing that has been continually hyped from ...

Sony Pictures TV Announces Series Based on Bendis Novel

Sony Pictures TV announced today that they will be producing a new original series based on Brian Michael Bendis’ graphic novel Powers. The series be exclusively aired on Playstation. The series had been recently stuck i...


All New X-Men #21 Review

Time to send the original five X-Men back to the past.


Uncanny X-Men # 12 Review (Chapter 4: Battle for the Atom)

What do you get when you put the original X-men in the present-day and then add in the future X-Men? An epic story about time travel that will leave you begging for more.