Teen Titans #6 Review

Written by: Benjamin Percy

Art by: Khoi Pham

Publisher: DC Comics

When Damian is playing games, it’s best to stay out of the way!

Teen Titans enters a new chapter with this issue by bringing the universes of it and Young Justice together.

As the title suggests, we are introduced to a character that fans of the show will be familiar with. What surprised me though, was how close the character design really is.

Benjamin Percy yet again writes this issue, and at this point it is clear that he has a strong grasp on all the characters. #6 is not the most action-packed issue, but it does have a ton of fun character interactions. Some of the best quips are between Beast Boy and Damian in the beginning and then later Kid Flash and Beast Boy. What is unfortunate is that Starfire and Raven are delegated to  bit players.

Aqualad’s introduction was handled fine, with the character being almost torn from the TV show to the pages of this book. Percy even kept a piece of Aqualad’s character from the comics previously, with him being gay, and that was handled well as well. We as a reader do see the struggle that he’s going through both at home and out with someone. That adds another layer to the character that is going to be interesting to explore.

Khoi Pham is again the artist on this book and other than a few odd panels with Beast Boy specifically, he does a serviceable job of handling art duties. Teen Titans pops when it has to and is subdued when it needs to be. There is a surprising little panel toward middle of the book that all Teen Titan fans will appreciate, and it was handled with grace. Overall Khoi Pham’s art does fit the property, and it’s good to see that at least as of right now, he feels at home here and will remain on the book in a near future.

Overall, Teen Titans #6 is a fun read. We were introduced to a Young Justice character, whose introduction is handled admirably and does not seem forced. On the other hand, the cast is slowly growing, so it looks like some of the characters might be taking a backseat to others from time to time. That is fine for now, but the book is called Teen Titans, and being a team book, everyone should be getting equal page space.