The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Post Trailer Analysis

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer:

*NOTE*  Article Contains Speculation on the trailer which may potentially spoil aspects of the film… Additionally material from the comics will be used by comparison which may again potentially spoil plot threads…so SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!

When we first got the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer it was a lot to take in, and has all the fans excited for the movie. I for one found the trailer absolutely thrilling. After the very good but safe Origin of the first movie, it seems we are gonna expand the Spider-Man universe. The direction is definately interesting however raises some questions if there is enough screen time to properly incorporate 3 villains (such as Rhino, Green Goblin and Electro), after all Spider-Man 3 from the Tobey Maguire  had the whole three villain thing going and it was a convoluted mess. There is so much we got to see in this trailer, however we should be conscious of the fact that we have only seen a glimpse of the movie and rushing to judgments and conclusions is a bit premature. Keeping that in mind there are several elements of the trailer to examine.

Plot:   I was very intrigued by this trailer as I feel like we are really building something with this plot. As previously touched on in the first movie, it appears we will dive deeper into Peter’s parents lives and secrets. The Tobey-era Spiderman did not even touch upon Peter’s parents at all, and it always seems to be a strange non-issue for him in the comics. With his father’s connection to Oscorp it should be interesting to explore this part of the Peter Parker mythos.

Additionally we will get introduced to Norman and Harry Osborne (with Norman only being reference in the first film). Based off the trailer it appears Norman is in rough shape (as refferenced in the first film) and Harry will take the mantle of the Green Goblin. It also seems him and Peter will have a connection in the beginning, but it does not appear they will be pals like in the Tobey era films.

Where the other two villains fit into the plot is also interesting. It appears Rhino will be a tertiary rouge, who will battle with Spidey as a regular mobster/ bank robber (as seen with him unloading a machine gun at Spidey) and gain access to the suit later on and present a challenge. However it does not appear he will be the main concern, and will likely just compliment the action scenes.

Oddly Electro rarely is in the trailer until the end, however from what we gather he will be the main villain of this particular film. It also appears he is being amped up to be a very formidable foe. It reminds me of t Spider-Man the animated series from 1995, where Electro was more powerful than he was in the comics and was a very real threat to Spidey. His origin and pathos seem to be the primary concern and I feel we will get to know a lot of Max Dillon in this plot.

Additionally we see Gwen and Peter are still dating, these two have a really nice chemistry and their interactions were a huge highlight from the first film. Much credit has to go to Garfield and stone for pulling this off. However this question must be raised with the presence of the Green Goblin lurking… is this movie going to mark the end of Gwen Stacy? Fans of the comics are well aware that Gwen meet her demise at the hands of the Green Goblin as he threw her off a bridge, with Peter’s webbing attempt to save her inadvertently snapping her neck. This is the pivotal moment which makes the Goblin , Spidey’s number one foe and it will be very interesting to see if they decide to kill Gwen here. To note, at the 17 second mark of this trailer we see Peter alone at a graveyard…it may potentially be Gwen’s grave at the end or it could be Captain Stacy’s or his Uncle’s,but it is worth noting. Also at the 2:05 mark, we see Spider-man shooting a web line with some urgency…potentially his attempt to save Gwen which goes array?


Will  The Amazing Spider-man 2 end in tragedy?

Will The Amazing Spider-man 2 end in tragedy?
Is this the web-shot which will lead to the infamous "snap"

Is this the web-shot which will lead to the infamous “snap”


Action:  A huge reason the first movie was great is we got really Spidey like action sequences and movements. Spidey is now more flexible(as opposed to the buffed Tobey version) and it really is authentic to the character. Due to the advances in technology this movie looks like it will be the best most visually stunning Spider-man yet. In the Tobey era films Spidey would stop a car with webbing, now we get to see him stop it with his strength.

The Rhino v.s Spidey scene we catch a glimpse of looks really good, and the end of the trailer appears to have the best Spider-man fight yet with Electro and Spidey. At the very least this movie will not disappoint in the action!

Spider-Man taking on the Rhino!

Spider-Man taking on the Rhino!



Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider-man): Garfield is back and we can all be very optimistic. What the first movie lacks in originality (from the first Tobey movie) it more than made up for a great Peter Parker and Spider-man. Garfield looks like Peter in build much more than Tobey was, as well he has the feel of Peter hands down. From this trailer it seems we are gonna get more of the same and that’s good.

Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) : A phenomenal actress and Gwen to a tee. She did a great job in the first movie and has amazing chemistry with Garfield. With her still romantically involved with Peter, everything seems great here.

Paul Giamati (Aleksei Sytsevich ) /Rhino) : The first villain we get a glimpse of in the trailer. Giamati is a phenomenal actor (as evidenced via his academy award) and there should be no doubts about  his abilities. That being said initially I was extremely perplexed by this casting…Rhino from the comics is a physical beast, and Giamatti simply is not. I was worried of a potential Topher Grace /Eddie Brock visual mismatch. However there were other options, such as CGI transformation like the Lizard or a robot suit(which is the case in the Ultimate universe with Alex O’ Hirn at the mantle). They went with the latter.

Clearly we will not be getting the same guy from the comics

Clearly we will not be getting the same guy from the comics

My initial thoughts on the costume are that works in the context of the story and does the job making Giammati the Rhino. It sort of looks like Rhinox from Beast Wars if he were transmetal (Yes a Beast Wars reference!). Many fans have thus far not enjoyed this design, and I admit it looks too clunk and impractical to fight Spidey, however it is not a disaster of a costume.  I like the fact that we finally get to see the Rhino on the screen so I’ll take it!

"RHINOX MAXIMIZE!"......ERRRRRRRRRRR "Beware the Rhino's charge"

“RHINOX MAXIMIZE!”……ERRRRRRRRRRR “Beware the Rhino’s charge”

The thing I am dissapointed in though, is it appears the character will be a afterthought and appear as a Russian mob goon with very little depth.  In the comics particularly the Gauntlet arc, Alexei was a character who the back story was compelling , and you got some of his personal motivations . He had layers and this version seems to be more of a simpleton. (again just based of the knowledge we have now). I am glad we get to see him, however I am worried about the potential which may be squandered, but I trust Giammti to give the character justice.

Rhino has been a interesting character in the comics. Check out his "Gauntlet" story

Rhino has been a interesting character in the comics. Check out his “Gauntlet” story

Dane DeHaan and Chris Cooper ( Harry Osborne/ Green Goblin and Norman Osborne):

It is interesting that we are going to revisit a villain twice down in the Tobey era films. The first Green Goblin costume was very corny in hindsight, and it is interesting to dip back to the well.

Tobey Era Goblin

Tobey Era Goblin


A new Green Goblin for a New Era

A new Green Goblin for a New Era

The inclusion of the Green Goblin in this film is interesting because we already are going back to the 3 villain model. It was not very successful before so it was interesting that he was brought into the fold. However I do think the character had to be revisted. This is essentially Spider-Man’s “Joker”. Also now that plot is a little more clear, with Osborne being in the middle of everything it is only natural.

DeHaan at first blush seems like a very interesting Harry Osborn. It seems his relationship with his father will be less strained then it was in previous iterations. It also appears he will play well of Garfield in the Peter Harry relationship.

For Norman Osborne, we see very little of Cooper in the trailer. What we do see is he knocking on Deaths door. His physical presence may be very minimal, but it looks like he is the evil mastermind behind the villains in this movie (and other movies!).

For fans it will be a little tough to see Harry take the mantle of the Goblin immediately. Norman was such a huge presence in the Marvel universe, he even took over Shield and the Avengers in the 616 for a time. He is a strong character in the lore and too see he may not be very present in this franchise.

We should wait and see, but as of now I have some reservations of this direction for the Green Goblin.


Jamie Foxx ( Max Dillon/ Electro): It is odd that the supposed main villain took until the very end of the trailer to really show up. However it looks like Electro will be the villain whose origins and personality will be touched upon the most in the movie.

Electro in the comics

Electro in the comics

Jamie Foxx is a really phenomenal actor, adding to this great cast. I was excited for his inclusion. As fan I additionally am excited to finally see Electro on the big screen. I remember his appearance in the Spiderman animated series from when I was a kid, and found him very fascinating as in the show they made him all powerful( more so then he was in the comic continuity). This movie seems to have Electro as the most worthy match to Spider- man.

As for the aesthetics, I like the look of Electro in this movie.Jamie Fox fits the mold well, and it does a good job of making him look threatening rather than goofy (which lets face it his original costume from the comics would of looked silly). I am pumped to see what they do with this character and the early looks are good.




A Larger Universe:

There were two very interesting shots from the trailer.

1. At the 1:14 mark…we see a shot of what we can only assume are what will become Doctor Octopus’s tentacles and the Vulture’s wings. Additionally at the 1:19 mark we see a bunch of metallic doors at Oscorp labeled 1-7, however at 1:19 1-6 open up. This seems to be the potential Sinister 6 set up.

So what to make of this. Well Marc Webb has stated he is not just making a sequel but a larger universe. As a fan I can not help but be excited. This implies a larger plan, which means things will be done with a proper method. Better yet we may finally see the Sinister Six on the big screen in the near future. This is every Spider-man fans dream.

The fact that there seems to be plan at works will hopefully make a multitude of villains work. Rather than the forced nature Spider-man 3 had. Multiple villains can work if done correctly and this gives fan optimism.


Is this the Sinister Six?

Is this the Sinister Six?


What we all want to see  eventually

What we all want to see eventually


Tease of Doc OCk and Vulture...Will they be in the third movie?

Tease of Doc OCk and Vulture…Will they be in the third movie?

Overall Impression:

A question I have though, is this movie being used to set the table for other Spider-man movies down the road? Is it gonna be all set up with very little pay off in this film. The trailer put some of my concerns to bed, because at the very least it looks amazing visually. I am really psyched for this film and I have optimism that the multiple villains can work. As a fan this has to much to keep us excited. This trailer has done its job; it was a thrill ride that is making people excited to see the final product. We still have to wait until May 2nd, to see how it all turns out, but the trailer has made a damn good impression.

Great trailer for a great Hero!

Great trailer for a great Hero!

*Amazing Spider-man 2 will be released May 2nd in theaters!