The Autumnlands #9 Review

Written by: Kurt Busiek

Art by: Ben Dewey & Jordie Bellaire

Publisher: Image

Last time, on The Autumnlands, there was a big, walking thing and a human person who may have been a queen. This time, there’s a quiet village filled with sheep that are adorable.

That’s sort of it.

We’ve been over the pacing of this comic before, so I’m not going to jump back into it. It’s both fine and not fine, and anyways, Issue 9 has a ton of wonderful things to offer, even if it takes place almost entirely in a small village named Erries. You give me talking, adorable sheep and I’ll follow you anywhere.

See, one thing this comic does remarkably well is world building. The first issue is a standout in that, offering so much of the sky city and culture of it in a short amount of space while also feeling natural, and Issue 9 does the same. We learn everything there is to know about Erries in a way that is seamless, and in learning about this little village, we learn more about the world itself, including what the lofty, rich people in the sky cities know and don’t know.

One could find some fun sociopolitical themes in here, if one were bothered to look.

Learoyd continues to be himself, quick thinking and self serving. The sheep people have noticed a nasty light off in the mountains, and it seems to be spreading sickness. If only there were two heroes—and one a Champion at that—that could save them! Learoyd volunteers, but only because he’s already heading in that direction. Getting free food is just a bonus.

No, it’s Dusty who we begin to see a shift in. His blind optimism has been waning over these issues, but I think here might be the time it really starts to crack and break. He’s questioning more than ever, and it won’t be long until these questions are made verbal. It won’t be long until his optimism devolves into cynicism, I think.

So while our main plot hasn’t moved much, one of our main characters is seeing some development. Plus, there’s a whole village of adorable, talking sheep who like beer. That’s worth some time, I should think!

Oh, and the artwork is really good. Can’t forget to mention that.