The Comic Wish List: February 11th 2015

Welcome to the twenty ninth instalment of the wish list bringing you what comics we, Comics Section Editors Oscar Russell & Joel Raivid, are looking forward to each and every week. So if you are deciding how to spend your money this week on New Comic Book Day, don’t worry, we got you covered!!

Oscar and I hope you are enjoying the new comics podcast which you can check out by subscribing on iTunes. Last week saw the release of some huge comics, this week is no different unless you are DC Comics, which for some reason Oscar and I can’t think of any DC book that we really want to be picking up this week. Marvel meanwhile do have some cool stuff coming out with the next issue of Thor, the second issue of G. Wilson Wilson’s X-Men arc, and the next part of the Black Vortex event in GOTG #24. From other publishers we have Image debuting The Empty, and the next issues in two hit series’, Ghosted and Southern Bastards.

Here are a handful we are particularly looking forward to and think you should pick up!


Marvel Previews 06.02.15 – 011Amazing Spider-Man #14

Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Olivier Coipel

Spider-Verse concludes this week, (actually there is still an epilogue which Dan Slott has told everyone they have to read unless they want to miss out, but it officially ends this week). With the latest Marvel Secret Wars news with worlds merging together could this issue cement some huge changes that are linked to that! Superior Spider-Man has a plan that could ruin it all (at least that’s what solicitations say), either way if this conclusion is as good as the rest of the series thus far then we are in for a fun time and huge surprises!




Marvel Previews 06.02.15 – 068Darth Vader #1

Written by: Kieron Gillen

Art by: Salvador Larocca

So far Marvel has given us two really great issues of the main Star Wars book, now it is time to expand the universe, and based on early reviews, fans of the Dark Lord are in for a treat. Just like with the main series we have seen many comics over the years focusing on Mr Lord, but they just haven’t hit the mark for me, so let’s hope this one will take a new angle. I don’t really know what to expect if I am being honest, I am assuming Larocca’s art is going to be the main part of this series seeing as the Dark Lord isn’t known for his excellent and thought provoking banter, but I am definitely left intrigued by the preview pages, which you can see here.



divinity1Divinity #1

Written by: Matt Kindt

Art by: Trevor Hairsine

Publisher: Valaint

This looks good!! And is part of the Valiant Next line up, which at the moment I am loving, so I cannot see any reason not to pick this book up. This series promises a bit of everything, a bit of sci-fi mixed with a superhero story. The concept, about a man from the Soviet Union sent to space and returns with powers and a funky outfit, sounds really promising and mysterious, and one new book that I am jumping on to for the ride!


Which books are you looking forward to this Wednesday, let us know in the comments……