The Fix #2 Review

Written by: Nick Spencer

Art by: Steve Lieber

Publisher: Image

From delivering a hilarious look at the foes of Spider-Man and the best run of Ant-Man, Nick Spencer is one of the funniest writers in the industry. His big talent is to make bad guys look good and The Fix is the best representation of that idea. The Fix #1 was one of the best comics i read this year and the second issue continues that trend.

Following the threat of the last episode, the boys come up with a silly (and painful) idea to stop the most feared cop in the LAPD: Pretzels the Dog.  It involves shooting our sadistic protagonist shooting his partner’s hand. If you think that’s a terrible thing to do, don’t worry, a lot worse that happens in this issue. If in the last issue you didn’t think the duo were too bad, then in this issue you’ll definitely start to hate them.

Despite all the bad that happens in this issue, Nick Spencer’s masterful writing still manages to keep the tone of the book upbeat and the characters still charming.

As good as the writing in this series is, it just wouldn’t be the same without Steve Lieber’s art. His art tells a story of it’s own, with a whole bunch of comedy occurring in panels without a single word. The character’s expressions and the various background antics help keep the book funny as much as the writing.

One negative I have with this issue is that the overall plot seems to be running a little too slow. As another character is briefly introduced and with more focus on her planned for the next issue, I hope the series doesn’t end up deviating too far from their central conflict.

The Fix is Nick Spencer’s best work and one of the best comics this year. It’s original, it’s fun, and it’ll keep you laughing till you run out of pages to turn.