The Hellblazer Rebirth #1 Review

Written by: Simon Oliver

Art by: Moritat

Publisher: DC Comics

Look, this sure is a Rebirth issue, and it comes with the same host of issues I’ve had with a bunch of the Rebirth issues that have come out in the past month and a half or so. But. This issue has a pretty nice jab at one of the US presidential candidates, and so that makes it a little bit better than some of the other ones in my eyes. It also has a pretty decent sense of humor, and honestly, doesn’t have the same vibe to it as a lot of the books DC’s putting out right now. Sure, a few big name DC heroes show up in it (which is a completely pointless scene), but at the very least it’s a little bit unique, so props for that.

Evaluating the book on its own merits, it’s fine. Oliver seems to have John Constantine’s voice down, and that’s a good sign for the main book. The plot is interesting enough, but as with so many other books, there’s an unnecessary amount of exposition and it’s fairly rushed. I mean, I get that the point of the Rebirth one shots is to introduce the characters, I just wish that not all of them had pacing and plot issues. Just start up the main plot rather than burning an issue on something that’s ultimately unnecessary.

On a more positive note, I really liked Moritat’s art in this issue. Like some of the writing, it served to give the book a bit of a different feel. It’s nice to have something like this to read amidst the rest of the superhero fare that I read. Most of it’s good, but it’s nice to see a few books going for something a little bit different.

Anyways, I know this review has been pretty brief, but until the actual series starts, it’s difficult to evaluate this book. Constantine reads like Constantine, and the art is solid, but it has the same issues as so many other Rebirth one shots so I can’t really call this a great comic. It’s certainly good enough to make me want to come back for the actual debut issue of the series.