The Walking Dead, Season 6 Episode 12 – “Not Tomorrow Yet”: From a non-TWD Comic reader, with love.

Posted March 8, 2016 by Henry Wong in Nerdy Bits

Holy wowzers. This episode was the action packed goody that too many past episodes should have been (Governor assault on the prison, Rick group assault on Cannibals, Rick group assault on Governor). Now that The Walking Dead universe has been re-arranged into a system of communities, the next logical step for the humans to take is, of course, to go to war with each other. And as the theme of one of the great video games of our time goes, “War… War never changes.”

We were left off last week with Maggie securing a deal with the ugly character of a man named Gregory; violence and safety for half of all the resources of the Hilltop community. This week, we got straight into the violence after 10 -15 minutes of all of our couples saying dear things to each other. And much like the dramatization of war in our modern day, all of our characters left each other with generic “I love you’s” and “You’ll be missed” lines. If juxtaposed with where they were a few seasons ago, it would seem almost identical. Except back then, they were going out to kill zombies, not the human soldiers of Negan, who we once again do not have the opportunity to see.


However, I think this is the first time in The Walking Dead history where the plans have mostly succeeded. I was pleasantly surprised to see everything work out up to the point when Abraham screwed up with keeping a good grip on things, but luckily, none of our protagonists died either. It was especially nice to see all of the stealthy bits, like Darryl’s nasty throat slash, or Michonne’s sword in the gut trick (She also did the same to Ron).   In an episode in which there was going to be heavy fighting, I was surprised (though I don’t know in a good or bad way) that no one died. Even in the moment when Glenn and Heath jumped into the armory, I thought one of them would have been shot.

Normally, The Walking Dead presents its tense moments extremely well when our crew are exploring zombie plagued areas and buildings. And it’s also almost always a good nail biting experience. They do it well. Sometimes, they do it and when the episode concludes, you realize they were doing it to trick you and you dislike them for having led you on. But that still supports the fact that they did it well. In this week’s episode, the show did it well in a setting where there were no zombies. The behind the scenes crew seem to have manifested Banksy in their art of creating tense scenes and I absolutely love it. From when the raid started to when it ended, I felt the air permeated with tension. And even though I knew that there probably wouldn’t be any zombies jumping out at our protagonists, I still felt tense waiting for some kind of screw up to happen (like when Glenn and Heath were about to wish those two men a silent night).

This week’s episode, like every episode this season, performed exceptionally well. It continues to grow the The Walking Dead trademark and continues to prove why this show is such a power house. In addition, they have also seemed to have mastered the art of dropping cliffhangers. Last week, it was the calm before the storm. This week, it was the introduction of new enemies (?), new faces and now a very real danger to the happy parents-to-be (Glenn and Maggie). I just hope those baddies aren’t in any way related to Negan or we might be seeing some very sad days ahead.


Other Things

– I really loved the set up that contrasted Morgan and the crew raiding Negan’s place. Morgan breaking down just struck a chord with me, and even though I am fully on team Rick, I still understand Morgan’s perspective. And what was he making? It looked like a jail cell door (?) so maybe we’ll be seeing some converting soon?

– Carol finally found someone to love. I think it was a much needed facet to Carol’s relationships with humans. Before any of her conversations with Tobin, her only real interactions with humans had been to spy on them, to manipulate them, or to kill them. It was good to know that she still had some human left in her. And maybe its just to show that perhaps Morgan has been focusing on converting the wrong people and instead, should continue to accidentally convert Carol into a non-violent person.

– Rick and his crew have been turned into super professional soldiers. I was super excited to see that they handled themselves so well and I really like being able to see their characters develop from the beginning of being unable to handle single zombies to now being an aggressive, no-nonsense group of badasses. This really hit home for me when our Padre recited verses from the bible and then finished it with a shot and an “amen”. (Boondock Saints anyone?)

– Jesus was such a stand out character. Even though he was not in a lot of scenes, the few scenes he was in made him look like an even greater badass. He looked like he was a character conflicted about being either Ryu Hayabusa or Zehvran. I hope he joins Rick’s group because he looks like he would rival Michonne in all of her beautiful fictional epicness.

– Did anybody see what Negan’s people have in that armoury?  I know the Governor had a tank, but that armoury had weapons that were completely unnecessary for any non-military personnel to have. Negan’s people had to have raided a military base or something…

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