The Walking Dead, Season 6 Episode 14 – “Twice as Far”: From a non-TWD Comic reader, with love.

Posted March 22, 2016 by Henry Wong in Nerdy Bits

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead brought with it a whole bunch more of sadness, further reasoning to support the fact that you just have to kill bad guys in a post apocalyptic zombie environment, Eugene trying to be macho and a metal zombie.

To start things off, we witnessed a death this week. Although Denise was, to me, more of a side/supporting character rather than one of the main ones (I had not upgraded her status to “a character I dont want to die” yet.) her death this week shocked me. I did not think it would have happened yet because she still had to tell Tara that she loved her! In addition to that, she came out upon the world and finally invoked within herself the confidence to survive in this apocalyptic world. Furthermore, though this half of season six has bucked all the trends, I was expecting the final two or three episodes leading up to the season finale to be filler or build ups to an extremely intense, full of death, and ultimately sad finale episode which would make me rage for the six months until the next season. So to have this happen in the third to last episode, I was super shocked. Good on AMC to throw these curve balls once in a while.

Further to Denise’s death, Carol tried to let out some of her emotions about killing people to Darryl. While Carol has seemed to distance herself with killing people, Darryl was of the mind that he screwed up by not killing someone. This struggle to understand the importance of granting life and death, though existent throughout season five and six, took on a more repercussive tone this week when Dwight, who Darryl let live a while back, comes and shoots Denise through the head with Darryl’s crossbow. The feelings were definitely there when this happened and especially made me think, who is actually right? Carol? Darryl? What would I have done if I were in Darryl’s shoes? (It’s also important to note that Dwights face has been burned, but by who, I dont know for certain yet but I am willing to bet, it is Negan.) Carol also inexplicably left as she was unable to cope with the fact that she would have to kill more. More shock in an already packed episode.

Eugene has started to become one of my top five favourite characters this season. Ever since the big twist reveal that he was no scientist, his character development has sort of dawdled. But dawdle no more. In trying to find himself, he has revealed just how awesome an all knowing brainiac nerd can be in a post apocalyptic world. I really loved the incorporation of “RPG elements” in his conversation with Abraham and it was especially wonderful to see that the most creative member of the group is the man who can barely hold his own in a fight. (I really liked the bullet factory idea of his and it really does make sense in their dysfunctional world.) In a weird way, the show did a great job showing his evolution from coward to Rick’s throat biting ferocity with the way he bit Dwight’s dick. As much as some of the zombie kills are cringe worthy, the show has started taking a new direction in creating the same sensation but with “live” characters. A part of my brain dreaded the thought of someone doing what Eugene had done but at the same time, his actions provoked my thoughts of what survival truly entails. Eugene has definitely reached level two but at what cost? (Why can’t a nerd with an all knowing brain remain just a nerd?)


Again, the production team at AMC did a great job establishing ambiance through sound and music and it was especially effective in both the foundry and the pharmacy scenes. The Walking Dead has truly become one of TV’s most suspenseful and effective horror shows as we never knew when or where a character might be jumped by a zombie. Also, the episode also helped reinforce the production team’s effectiveness at creating the feels in the audience. I especially felt something when we find out that the zombie in the pharmacy was a baby. What a sad world indeed.

All in all, this was a great episode. It was a shocker of a week and full of completely unexpected turns, breaking all of the trends of what a season of The Walking Dead is usually comprised of. Eugene is now a nerd with the capability of being violent. Tara’s girlfriend is dead. Carol has gone missing. Morgan has constructed a prison, which will most likely play a gigantic role in the future. And Darryl has to live knowing that his inability to kill, caused Denise’s death, which completely sideswipes the dialectic of letting live and letting die. Also, there was a metal zombie. That actually made sense. Pretty badass.


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