The Witcher #4 Review

Written by: Paul Tobin

Art by: Joe Querio

Published by: Dark Horse

While I’ve really been enjoying the run of the comic based on the video game The Witcher, the fourth issue is unfortunately the weakest so far. Created by Paul Tobin and Joe Querio, the series thus far has followed Geralt and a widowed fisherman named Jakob as they seek to uncover the secrets that the mysterious House of Glass hides.

Which is kind of the problem with issue #4. With only 5 issues making up this series, issue #4 is surprisingly empty of any really big plot forwards minus a brief dinner seen the final set of panels that sets up the last issue. While the sort of winding and drawn-out story fit the first few issues really well, what with the House of Glass being a sort of entity in and of itself and the various baddies hanging around, it just seems tired and drawn out considering there’s only one issue left to wrap up any and all conflicts. Instead we’re treated to more of the same. Geralt is still being followed around by a succubus who is doing her best at being a succubus (hint: they thrive off of seducing people) and Jakob is still running around trying to find his dead wife.

There’s some interesting dialogue and a few odd details that hint at mystery but ultimately it feels a little bit tired as it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Even with the hag making dark threats and showing off some mysterious powers, they’re still resorting to comments about her gross naked appearance. And although the succubus does some great seducing this issue, she more or less still exists to be a little whisper of “Hey Geralt, you’re a notorious womanizer, sleep with me” which has gotten more than boring by the 4th issue and is a bit creepy considering Geralt’s constant moaning about how much he can’t be swayed. Even adding in the various important plot points, I still feel like I was essentially rereading the previous issues with a bit of a twist on the dialogue.

I’m hoping that the final issue finally resolves all the conflict that has plodded over these 4 issues. This 4th issue was definitely the weak point in my mind and I’d almost suggest that those wanting to save money could skip it. Unless you absolutely need some more succubus action or want to see a hint of hag powers, there’s ultimately little to the plot that probably won’t be slyly alluded to (if not outright shown) in the final issue. The artwork is still great and the evil at hand is still spooky, but its nothing you haven’t seen if you’ve been keeping up with the series. I’d only suggest this to huge Witcher fans or people who really want to have that complete collection.