There Goes the Bard – Pathfinder, Session 1

Posted June 26, 2014 by Chris Lincoln in Nerdy Bits

Hello, and welcome to our new podcast! Last month our gaming group started playing Pathfinder and recording our play sessions. Now you, the internet at large, can join us in the gaming basement and tag a long on our adventure. Quick intros: Andrew is our GM, Dan is a human fighter, Max is a half-elf bard, Elias is a human Ninja, and I’m running a human gunslinger. We all have plenty of D&D experience, but this is our first time playing Pathfinder, so bear with us as we discover the intricacies of this new (to us) system. So come along and join us on Standard Adventure Opening #43b as our bard is struck with wanderlust and our Pathfinder tales begin.


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