Titan Comics Unveils Violent Robots With Masked Volume 1

Titan Comics has revealed a new series that focuses on a future with sentient robots.

This series, Masked, will be released in four issues starting in 2015. Titan Comics has released some details about Masked via press release to We The Nerdy.

“A not-too-distant future… A soldier returns home, having discovered that his peacekeeping mission was anything but… 

Ravaged psychologically by war, his homecoming is as strange and terrifying as any war. The once familiar sites of his city are now infested with ‘anomalies’ – sentient robots growing in size and awareness, and now attacking humans!”

Masked will be written by Serge Lehman (The Chimera Brigade), and it will be illustrated by Stephane Crety (Star Wars: Agent of the Empire). Titan Comics has provided some pre-release images to pique your interest in the upcoming series.

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy violent robots in the near future? Masked looks like it will be fun series, and we can’t wait for the release.

Masked will be released on March 4th, 2015.


Maskedpreview  Maskedpreview2