Titans #15 Review

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Andrew Dalhouse

Published by: DC

Titans delivers its best arc yet!

Dan Abnett has brought the excitement back to the Titans universe that was sorely missing in the New 52 era. This is one of the most engaging stories since Rebirth started, and the delivery method of Wally West breaking news to his team was very touching.

This whole arc stems from the effects of the Lazarus Contract (as I have predicted), and it’s going to have lasting repercussions, not just for Wally but the team as a whole. The seeds that have been planted are finally bearing fruit. This whole arc was tri-fold; we have a story of Bumblee and her memories, Wally and his condition, and dealing with a possible traitor in the group.

Abnett manages to handle all of those stories for the most part, adding layers to each one and not letting one story overtake another.

Having the same artist team on this story is as important, and it shows true dedication and consistency for readers. This is one of the good things with Titans, and to lesser extent Teen Titans, having a monthly schedule instead of a bimonthly one.

This issue of Titans certainly delivers on the promise of being a very entertaining book, but also on a bigger scale: It is an important book. I’ll avoid spoilers, but the ending is a bit of a shock!

One of the best parts of this chapter was how everything else was in a background, including the impending doom that is coming. None of that mattered as much as the family and team building going on in the foreground. These core principles are truly what the creative team must consider most important, and it’s a good thing. As I’ve said before, family and teamwork are what was missing in the Titans books during the New 52 era. I’m glad to have them back.