Turrican Flashback Collection: Preview (PS4)

Posted March 15, 2021 by Taneisha Jane in Nerdy Bits

Although the Turrican Flashback Collection debuted in the 90’s, this is my first time playing the game.  I can already tell you that this game can actually be well liked by Metroid fans, because of the style of gameplay and the look of the main character. 

Turrican Flashback Collection is a bundle of some of the original collection, including the original Turrican (1990) and Turrican 2 (1992), Mega Turrican (1994) and Super Turrican (1993).  In each game, aside from changing the settings, there are more options to choose from than just to ‘start game’.  This is actually pretty big considering that the original titles didn’t have these options and it can really help with visuals and other mechanics in the game (just don’t cheat!).  

These games are mainly platformers, so your main focus will be to get from point A to point B.  The difference from this and other platformers is there is a timer on this one, so don’t let it run out or the main character is finished…! 

Although this is just a preview, there will be a finalized review coming soon where we’ll go more in depth with each game, as well as secrets and my final synopsis of the game.

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