Unboxing the Music (Video): “The Music Box” Subscription

We The Nerdy recently received our first subscription box from The Music Box! The Music Box is dedicated to showcasing new artists straight to your front door. TMB says this is “the broke music fan’s guide to music discovery,” striving to promote artists and creating an opportunity for subscribers to discover new music.

TMB can be ordered two ways: you can choose “The Box” for $12.00/month, which includes two or more CD’s and small other goodies of fan merch or what we got, “The Bundle.” “The Bundle” is great because not only are you receiving the contents of “The Box,” but you’re also receiving TMB‘s exclusive compilation CD for $15.00/month. From what we examined with the compilation CD, it features numerous songs from past subscription boxes and their most popular genres. Compilation CD’s are available for purchase separately here.

Besides the compilation CD and some small goodies which included stickers, band information, and a notepad, we received the latest albums from Tropic Bombs and Tree No Leaves.

Out of all the albums I received in my box, Tropic Bombs devastatingly confused me. With a profile listed on MTV’s website, their listed under “rock and roll.” Facebook says another: “rock/reggae/funk.” Listening to their album, Return to Bomber’s Bay, had a variety of sounds. One second I was listening to electronica, the next a faux metal (growl) scream. It also seemed there were a lot of unnecessary curse words and this is coming from someone who is not shy of using the c-bomb on occasion. Compared to Tree No Leaves, however, their album presentation was quite substantial.

Tree No Leaves classifies themselves as “heavy, psychedelic soul” according to their Facebook page. I admire how much music they were able to stuff on their album, but stuffing is for the holidays. The copy of the CD case I got didn’t have any information on it regarding songs and didn’t have a sleeve. Yes, I’m one of those losers who still goes out and buys CD’s–and albums, before “hipsters” started to think it was suddenly cool again–but to music lovers, it’s a valuable aspect of owning a tangible record album. TNL pinned Facebook post from June 23rd states that this is their compilation CD over the last four years of sixteen songs. Not being a household name, it’s important not to cut corners.

Overall, The Music Box does a great deal for indie artists trying to make headway in an industry that is overly competitive. Out of the three CD’s, the compilation was the best from the various artists featured. Tropic Bombs and Tree No Leaves may not be my favorite groups, but they are someone else’s and I respect that. I only wish them the best on their endeavours.

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