Webcomic Wrap Up #1 My top 5 Webcomics

So this is the first entry in my new monthly series focusing on webcomics. In future entries I will review certain webcomics, do other lists possibly genre specific, etc. For the first one though I figured I would list my top 5 and talk a little about each one. So without further ado here is my entirely subjective and based only on what I have actually read top 5 webcomic list.


5: Twogag

Twogag is basically a 3 panel gag comic (with very little continuity) starring 3 “friends.” I put the friends in quotations because they are kind of all terrible to each other. The three friends in question are. Wayne a sad and wimpy constantly unemployed aspiring writer, Frank a completely amoral genius, and Guy a sarcastic manipulative sadist. The gags are usually based on these personalities clashing with everyday scenarios. Though it can sometimes delve into the strange due to Frank’s tendency to dabble in dangerous science. If I need a laugh when browsing the internet I can often find it here. And so for it’s ability to make me laugh and the fact it is the only (pure) gag webcomic I have ever gotten into. I recommend it to those who enjoy gag co mics. And those who have a sarcastic side to themselves.


Read it starting at the beginning  here


4: Mokepon

Mokepon is a webcomic based off of Pokemon (big surprise right?) But manages to simultaneously give tribute to the source material, and yet totally subvert it. It stars a 14 year old chain smoking boy named Atticus who just wants to stay home and watch Top Gear. But is forced to go on a Pokemon journey when his mom kicks him out of the house. He soon meets up with his super nice (In comparison to Atty’s complete indifference and rudeness) rival Khan who of course chooses Squirtle when Atticus picks Dragonthing (What he calls his Charmander)Soon after he runs into George who is this comics version of the in-game player. In her unbridled enthusiasm for the Pokemon universe and habit of invading peoples homes and taking things sitting on tables. What follows is a fun original story set in the universe that constantly points out the often humorous logic of the Pokemon universe. The opening pages set the stage perfectly with narration that basically sums up the comics view on the series. If you are a Pokemon fan (As I am) I can not recommend this enough.


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3. Redstring

The only finished webcomic on this list at the time of writing. Redstring is both a coming of age drama and romance stories about a group of friends in Japan.  The art style is heavily influenced by anime and manga and is quite good looking. The characters are really the stars here as they suffer heartbreak but also fall in love and find themselves. It is overall really enjoyable and well written. I would recommend it those who enjoy both manga and romance stories.


Read it starting at the beginning here


2: Supernormal Step

Magic, Face Punching, and a Robot or Two is the slogan of the comic and spoiler alert it delivers. This is a really enjoyable series about a young woman named Fiona Dae as she gets trapped in an alternate Earth full of magic, robots, monsters, and the like. It follows her adventures, and friendships as she tries to get back to Earth teaming up with a Sleazy mage named Van, and The super strong Jim who is cursed to turn into a stuffed rabbit unless he does good things. The art starts off a bit loose but overtime becomes much more refined into a great realistic yet cartoonish art style. Overall I enjoy this comic because it is creative, has great characters, and is a ton of fun yet can still be serious when it needs to be.  I recommend this one to anyone who enjoys comics period.


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1: Gunnerkrig Court

Gunnerkrig court is a wonderful webcomic. About the adventures of a young girl named Antimony as she goes to school at Gunnerkrig Court. A school for the scientifically odd. The school exists across from a mysterious forest. The characters are wonderful And like another webcomic on this list this one does a good job of mixing science and technology with magic. The art style starts out a bit rough but as it goes on it eventually improves to a really beautiful style. The story and art combine to create a story that just evokes wonder. It truly is magical. If I were to compare it to anything in terms of its feel and sense of wonder it would be Harry Potter it really does have a similarly magical feeling. Overall this comic is wonderful and I would reccomend it to anyone. Now add ons just plain and simple anyone and everyone should read it. It is the sort comic to make you fall in love with the medium


Read it starting at the beginning here