Why I feel the Wii U was held back.

I honestly feel deep down that the Nintendo Wii U is being held back from its honest to goodness true self. Granted I am not here to bash Nintendo for their mistakes but I am here to offer my opinion on how and if the Wii U can make a come back. This year it seems the Wii U has taken too many arrows to the knee and is stumbling on its last gasp of live. That said I feel its not too late to revive the console for Nintendo.

One of the many issues I find plaguing Nintedno steams back from last generation of console (the Wii) when Nintendo took a casual approach to gaming. I feel that it hurt Nintendo in the long run because at the time of the Wii’s lunch it was the only casual gaming experience that the marketplace offered. Since then there are so many choices like tablets and smartphones that can pretty much can do the same casual experience at a much cheaper price. I personally feel I would pay 99 cents for the same experience then $59.99 to get same fun factor. Yeah sure the casual console experience was cool with the older generation like grandparents to have fun with their grand kids but I feel it fell flat on the hardcore games. Granted games like Zelda did appeal to a broader scope but felt limited.

To continue on with the game point, the matter of no support from major third party developers such as Electronic Arts. Through the many press statements EA has released, they have been saying they abandoned the WiiU and have not a single care in the world to develop a game for the Wii u. Scott Soderlund from EA was quoted as saying the following, as reported by Eurogamer:

 “Our job as game creators and executives is to be where the gamers are. Frankly, it’s as simple as that.” To me the gamers are on the Xbox, Playstation and the PC, not the Wii U. I might add EA showed the Wii U some love in the beginning but like all marriages fail due to not enough support. How about that not having enough support to give any to the Wii U. Furthermore; Ubisoft has only one and one game coming, Watch Dogs and that yet to my annoyance is keep getting delayed. Getting always delayed means not caring and quite frankly Ubisoft has more balls to say “we  still do care but hold on we might care next month”.

Point being the Wii U is dead and Nintendo doesnt really care.

Another major point is the hardware. The hardware in my experience with it has lacked the creative edge for quite sometime. That edge I feel is like a true game controller like what you can find on the Xbox or the PlayStation give more feeling and a sense of control. That physical controller that gives feedback in the sense of when you do something  is too much or too little. For me, feedback is everything. For example, in something like in Fallout when I am lock picking. Oh wait Nintendo doesn’t have any game its such a shame said no body ever!  If Nintendo got rid of the Gamepad from the whole scheme of things like what Microsoft recently did with the much loved kinect from the Xbox one then Nintendo has a chance. If only Nintendo would of stayed with their regular controllers from the GameCube or the N64 era then we wouldn’t have issues. Issues of inappropriate jokes about man parts and the name of the actual console.

The failure which might be considered the most epic is the whole HD graphics.  I have seen better cave drawing that look better in HD then what Nintendo claims is true High Definition. Not to take merit away from where merit is due. It’s sad when the graphics are more lousy then what Nintendo has had in the past. From pretty much from the GameCube till now the graphical power has had stayed the same. In my opinion when I play a mario game like mario golf on the Game Cube it looks the same like Mario Galaxy on the Wii and what they showed in Mario Cart 8. I know graphics isnt everything but its like a kidult, where the adult is grown up but his personality isn’t. I just think Nintendo shown be doing some growing up.


To sum up my two cents t Nintendo should shake off the casual experience that has been holding the company down and throw something new out for gamers to get happy to play.


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