Wonder Woman #35 Review

Writer: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Cliff Chiang

Colorist: Matthew Wilson

Publisher: DC Entertainment


This is probably the hardest review I’ve ever had to write, because it means that something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed for 3 years is over. That’s right. Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, and Matthew Wilson’s legendary run is really over. We’ve seen Diana changes through out the series going from simple Amazon to the new God of War. It’s been a long road with Diana learning of her true lineage, finding New Gods in her battle with her own, and dealing with losing her family and friends.

This isn’t the sort of review where I talk about the faults of this issue, if any, or how this single issue stands above the rest around it. This isn’t a review where I take a paragraph to talk about the write, a paragraph to talk about the artist, and a paragraph to talk about the colorist. This is one where I’m taking the time to talk about the work Azzarello, Chiang, and Wilson have done here together.

For the duration of this series, and most of the New 52, the chief complaint I’ve seen is that Wonder Woman isn’t Wonder Woman. She doesn’t talk like Wonder Woman, or walk like Wonder Woman, and doesn’t act like Wonder Woman. It’s isn’t one I’ve ever agreed with, but looking at this final issue it’s hard not to see that she wasn’t herself through out the entire series, but was trying to figure out who she really is. That’s what they answer in this final issue. After finding out who her father was, and then dealing with godhood, and dealing with who she thought she always was, the storytellers bring things to their end by giving us a Diana who is the most hopeful, and compassionate, and most willing to give her all to save one than we’ve seen in the thirty plus issues that came before. We know now who Diana is. She is Diana, she is a sister, she is a friend, and she is a leader who can bring out the best in people to show them who they can be to save even just one day.

Wonder Woman #35 is wonderful (pun definitely intended) end to a three-year run and a very long story. Absolutely everything about this finale was satisfying and brought together everything we’ve seen from issue #1 to now. No one is more deserving to a series of this quality like Diana, the Queen of Themyscira, the God of War, and THE Wonder Woman.

Whatever comes next I hope she needn’t be anyone other than herself.