Wrestlemania 30 Recap

Pre-Show match:
Fatal Four Way Tag Elimination Match.
The Usos def. Rybaxel, Los Matadores, and the Real Americans.
This match was worthy of the main show and was an entertaining match. The Usos are entertaining to watch, but Cesaro of the Real Americans stole the show. He eliminated Los Matadores, and hits Ryback with the Neutralizer to eliminate Rybaxel. The Usos and the Real Americans fought back and forth for a while, but when Cesaro was shoved into Jack Swagger the Usos were able to connect with a double splash to pick up the win.

After the match Zeb and Swagger come into the ring and talk to Cesaro. Swagger in anger attempts to lock in the patriot lock, but is stopped by Zeb, who would rather the two hug it out. Cesaro gets up and hits Swagger with the Cesaro Swing(giant swing) to end the pre-show.

Wrestlemania opened up with Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and the Rock together in the ring at the same time. It was every late 80’s early 90’s kids dream. Everyone got their catchphrases and pops, and the crowd went wild. It sent New Orleans into a frenzy and set up beautifully for the first match.

Championship Qualifier Match
Daniel Bryan def. Triple H
Triple H comes out in his Golden King of King’s Conan-esque costume
From the start this was a fantastic match. Triple H did a great job working the injured shoulder of Daniel Bryan much to the glee of his wife Stephanie (Who looked like some sort of business magician kinda creepy). Both competitors hit moves I haven’t seen from either of them in a while, Triple H hit a double underhook back suplex(which I didn’t even know was a move). Bryan found himself in a couple different near tap out situations thanks to a Crippler Crossface and a Crossface Chickenwing. Bryan gets out of both and then gets caught by the Pedigree and the crowd goes silent, but Bryan kicks out at two and the match continued. Bryan comes back and locks the Yes! lock on Triple H, but he manages to escape. After a series of kicks Bryan manages to catch Triple H with the running knee to end the match.
After the bell Triple H sets up Bryan’s arm against the corner and smashes it with a steel chair.

The Shield def. Kane and the New Age Outlaws.
This wasn’t much of a match and had the same feeling as the Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus match that ended in like 20 seconds a couple years back. The Shield were on the offense the whole match. Roman Reigns of the Shield delivers spears all around and then a double-triple powerbomb on both the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn lead to an abrupt end.

Andre The Giant Invitational Battle Royale.
Cesaro def. EVERYBODY
Battle Royales are always a little to crazy at the start, but are most entertaining when they get down to the last few men. This was no exception. Del Rio managed to eliminate quite a few people before getting tossed himself. Intercontinental champion Big E Langston got eliminated surprisingly early. The first high point of the match was when Kofi was flung over the turnbuckle only to have one foot not touch the outside of the mat (landed with one foot barely on the steel step.)so he was still alive he took control of the match for a couple minutes before being eliminated. The last two in the match were The Big Show and Cesaro, and we got to see a re-creation of that classic Wrestlemania moment when Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant. Cesaro lifted the 500 pound man up with relative ease and slammed him over the top rope to win the trophy in a surprisingly good Battle Royale.

John Cena def. Bray Wyatt.
Bray Wyatt is introduced by a Voodoo Priestess and then a live performance of his theme. Once the match starts Bray kneels before Cena and begs for Cena to finish him. The whole match was about mind games for Bray encouraging Cena to unleash his inner demon by giving him a chair and asking for him to use it. In any Wyatt family match you have to keep an eye out for the rest of the “family” and Cena did when he delivered a shoulder tackle to Harper that went through the barricade. Bray wasn’t done with the mind games though, and when Cena attempted his patented “Five Knuckle Shuffle” Bray kipped up into a backward crab crawl thing (like the girl from the ring) giving Cena a scare.
The match featured some cool set pieces in addition to the shoulder tackle through the wall. Cena attempted his top rope leg drop only to be caught by Bray into a power bomb for a near fall. Cena kicks out the Sister Abagail and reverses the second attempt into an Attitude Adjustment to pick up the victory. Good match overall, even with a mostly predictable ending.

Brock Lesnar def The Undertaker.
I’ll give you a second to re-read the above line, as I had to myself even after I just typed it. 21-1 just happened.
The match wasn’t even a good one. The first few minutes was Lesnar just kicking Undertaker in the leg repeatedly. Taker kicks out of a first F-5 and then locks Brock in the Hell’s Gate submission maneuver, which Lesnar manages to powerbomb his way out of. Lesnar than for some inexplicable reason walks right back into the same move. Again Lesnar powers out and then connects with a second F-5 and again the Taker kicked out. Taker manages to hit a (botched) Last Ride and then a Tombstone Piledriver. His second attempt at a Tombstone is reversed into a 3rd F-5 which ends the match and the crowd was stunned. It even looked like Heyman (Brock Lesnar’s manager) was shocked as well.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Everybody in New Orleans

Everybody in New Orleans

I really didn’t enjoy this decision. Over the year’s there have been a few places where I would’ve been happy with the streak ending (Orton, HBK 2, and HHH 2) but this wasn’t the place. It was a bad match and you put over an already established guy who only shows up for 3 months out of the year.

Diva’s championship match
AJ Lee def. the World
AJ Lee had to fight every single diva that the WWE had to offer and came out on top by cleverly grabbing Naomi’s arm and literally making her tap out. The match wasn’t much, but it was better than most recent Wrestlemania diva fare. Each diva got a move and then was then were hit themselves (first time I’ve ever seen Rosa Mendes do a move). The match served mostly to give the stunned crowd some time to catch their breath after the shocking Taker match.

WWE World Heavyweight Title match
Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton and Batista

The match started slow with the two heels taking out Bryan and starting on each other. Then Bryan snuck back into the ring and reclaimed the advantage back with a double drop kick. Triple H, Stephanie and Scott Armstrong (crooked ref) come down to the ring and take out the current ref to interrupt a pin attempt by Bryan. Triple H sends Scott Armstrong into the ring to replace, and the distraction gives Batista enough time to recover and hit Daniel Bryan with a Batista Bomb for a shocking two count (the crowd really couldn’t handle the stress after that Taker match). Triple H then tried to hit Bryan with a sledgehammer, but Bryan caught it and hit Triple H with it instead sending him careening to the floor. Bryan dives out of the ring and takes out all three of the interlopers, but then Orton and Batista went to work

Randy Orton and Batista started working together against Daniel Bryan on the outside of the ring slamming him into the ring-post and apron repeatedly. Then they tore off the top of announce table and slammed Bryan through the table with a hybrid of a Batista Bomb and RKO. It almost looked like Daniel Bryan was out when he was taken up the ramp on a stretcher while the match continued outside the ring. Bryan fought his way off the stretcher and back into the match. After a few more near falls, Bryan nails Batista with the running knee to become champion. The YES! chants rose throughout the Superdome as the show went off the air.

Overall the show was pretty solid, but it was soured by that bewildering Undertaker result. I guess since Orton wasn’t the one who was pinned he will be first in line to face Bryan. The only other person on the roster who logically “could” beat Daniel Bryan right now is Brock Lesnar, but I really don’t want to see that match.
Here’s looking forward to the next year of WWE, which is hopefully the year of Cesaro and Roman Reigns.