Action Comics #975 Review

Posted March 8, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Dan Jurgens, Paul Dini

Art by: Doug Manhke, Ian Churchill

Publisher: DC Comics

One of the big mysteries of Rebirth is finally revealed, but with it being revealed more questions arise!

Action Comics 975 is a direct continuation of the story from Superman 18 which not only started a new story in Superman myth, it has also started unraveling some of the mysteries of the DC Rebirth relaunch. With the recent solicitations, we can slowly see that the mystery will continue to unravel, if not completely be revealed soon, and this issue was certainly a first step toward that endgame.

Action Comics 975 is comprised of two stories, with the main story written by Dan Jurgens and the side story written by Paul Dini. The cool thing about this, is that both the main story and the side story here actually a part of the same dynamic, which is pretty rare now days with the comics using side stories to tell a filler arc. Here the side story is part of the main narrative, just the other side of the coin.

Dan Jurgens has been working on Superman for a long time and he continues the mastery of the character here, as his Action Comics arcs other than few low points, were really great, and having a story that was planned out by Tomasi and him here in Superman Reborn, it makes this particular arc one of the best ones Action Comics had since the relaunch. As I have said with Superman Reborn part I review, having this version of Superman being a family man, adds another dynamic to the stories, because it adds another layer of danger and possible tragedy for the Man in Blue. That added layer is what makes this version of Superman work, shedding the constant brooding version of Superman from new 52 era.

Dan Jurgens here is joined by another person that is very familiar with Superman character, Doug Manhke, who has taken a artistic reigns over Action Comics relaunch. Together with Patrick Zircher, they have created a new status quo for the Action comics. This particular issue has some seriously awesome action scenes here, and Doug Manhke knows exactly how to manage the panels and the action, so it doesn’t overpower the pages, so the story is not lost in a process. Sometimes that is one of the hardest things in the comics, is finding that balance of story and action, especially in action packed chapter such as this.

Paul Dini and Ian Churchill, on the other hand, give us the other side of the story, concentrating more a different dynamic, but very important one, and Dini gives us a better understanding of what exactly is going on, and what are the motivations behind this arc, and there are some really awesome panels in this chapter, with the history of Superman going through the eyes of the said character. Ian Churchill manages the classic look of the Superman with the new look of the Rebirth dynamic. It’s going to be interesting to see exactly how this side story will end!

Overall Action Comics has entered their best arc yet, and it’s worth reading this, if for nothing, at least to find out where some of the threads of Rebirth are going!

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