Aquaman and the Others #4 Review

Posted July 7, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

The first thought that came to mind when I finished this issue was, this was not meant for a first timer of Aquaman and the Others to read. However, after the first couple of pages, I ended up with the thought of, oh well, it’s still awesome.

Being a huge Aquaman fan, I was disappointed with the fact that we start off this issue with him being stabbed (by his own trident) and he’s out cold the whole time, dying. So if you want to read this issue to see him in action, don’t. If you aren’t new to the story, and want to read about The Others kicking butt, then this is the issue for you.

We start off this issue, like I said, with Aquaman not being of very much help, while the Others are dispersed around different locations. A few characters are by Aquaman’s side, joined by the villains that put them in this situation. Ya’Wara is off by herself, speaking with a couple of key characters that have taken on spirit forms. The message that they give her, has the importance of the whole issue, and what seems to lead to the final issue in this mini series.

Jurgens and Medina do a great job when the action sequences begin, however, I was beginning to think that there wouldn’t be any vivacity to look forward to. Although the beginning few pages had plot line importance, I did find myself a little bored with where things were going. Once some POW’s and HI-YA’s kicked in, the pages turned easily, and I found myself completely intrigued by the story development. The cover to Aquaman and the Other’s issue four has everything to do with it’s ending. Jurgens plainly states that “They don’t know it yet…but THIS is their new teammate.” So of course, that surprise is known at it’s ending, but we’re still left with confusion and anticipation . I say confusion with positivity, meaning, yes, we are told who their new teammate will be. But WHY? and HOW? are the questions you’ll be asking yourself.

Aquaman and the Others simply delivers the big BAM that I’m looking for. I think the fact that we are finally given knowledge to heroes on Aquaman’s side, besides Mera, is a terrific thing, and I can’t wait until next months issue.

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