Batman 28 Review

Posted August 2, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Mikel Janin

Published by: DC Comics

The War of Jokes and Riddles hits a fever pitch!

What happens when Joker and Riddler hire world’s greatest assassins? The answer is nothing good.

This issue continues to portray what happens to the town when two of the craziest individuals that ever lived take it over. Most of the story is a departure from the previous chapters as it is mostly being told by Batman and he is finally on page quite a bit in this particular issue. The way that his narration is handled though really works here and even when it feels like sometimes it could be seen as an info dump, the story takes a turn and introduces another wrench.

Tom King seems like this was a story he really wanted to tell ever since he was tapped to write Batman, as everything seems in place, there is almost no plot holes sort of speak and everything is just tied together well. Having Batman in this particular issue really serves to show us the contrast between him and Joker and Riddler but also to show us that he truly does have undying determination to save his city.

Mikel Janin’s art really fits this story-line perfectly as the creators are chosen perfectly for each one of this Batman arcs. Every artist knows what their strengths and weaknesses are and here Janin concentrates on the sheer insanity of the battlefront, and with Janin’s attention to detail everything just works and pops off the page.

There are moments when you can almost feel like you are a character in a story and it is those moments that really work here as you are feeling almost as helpless as Batman to stop it.

There are some really good moments with some of the old costumes being featured as well which are going to put a smile on the face of golden and silver age Batman readers. Tom King really knows how to use those moments and pepper them throughout his stories, without relying completely on the nostalgia factor. It is one of the reasons that his run is as good as it is, because he is willing to take risks with the characters but also understands that certain things are canon and should not be dismissed.

Trinity of the books; Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman continue to be some of the strongest books of the Rebirth line as it should be, and as always this new chapter of the Batman comes highly recommended.

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Batman #28 – Review

Posted February 13, 2014 by Guilherme Jacobs in

If you thought there was any chance things would slow down a bit for Batman, you couldn’t be more wrong. Batman writer Scott Snyder promised a glimpse into the future with Batman #28, as the issue features a story that will happen around one year from now, in the pages of the upcoming weekly book, Batman: Eternal. So, really, this issue is all about Spoilers.

Batman28Taking place 6 months in the future of present continuity, that is, during the current events of DC’s New 52, and not 5 years ago when Zero Year is happening, Batman #28 shows us what Gotham is all about when a new kingpin of crime is commanding all of the city’s underworld, and the surface is chaotic, with curfews activated and people dying. Why? We don’t know. Snyder has been dropping teasers in interviews, twitter, and in Batman books about big things coming to Gotham, specially in the pages of Batman: Eternal, and this is our first look. It looks like Gotham is on trouble’s way one more time, and the status quo of Batman as we know it is gone. For spoilers’ sake I will keep this review clean, but rest assured that there are many interesting plot twists ahead of us, and the mysteries set up here will keep you thinking for some time.

What we knew would happen here is the return of the Snyder-created character, Harper Row, and this time, she’s in full costume. It has been teased since the image was posted on twitter last year, and even got a small easter egg in the pages of Snyder’s story in Detective Comics #27, but Harper Row is in fact, the new Batman sidekick. Harper’s addition is a welcome one, as her interactions with Batman have always been fun, and that doesn’t change here, she is reckless, arrogant and brave in the best ways possible. She not only brings a different kind of fighting style, but a great character contrast, much like Dick Grayson was, Harper stands as a light against Batman’s darkness.

As Greg Capullo takes one issue off in order to get more Zero Year done, Dustin Nguyen takes the art duties, alongside inker Derek Fridolfs and colorist John Kalisz. Their art is very far from Capullo’s, but it fits the issue very well, just as Harper’s presence is a contrast to that of Batman, the use of contrast between dark shadows and vivid colors brings a unique look to that book, and one that definitely makes the issue stand out. Nguyen draws Batman in shadows throughout a lot of the issue, while Harper, again, is the opposite, completely out there, in the light, with a bright blue accompanying her.

While some may take issue with the “ad” aspect of the comic. teasing story beats for other book, it doesn’t hurt the story presented here in any way. Batman #28 excellently explores the relationship of Batman and Harper Row, whether through dialogue or art, and it effectively gives us a lot to ask ourselves about, regarding the future of Gotham and the Bat-books, other fan favorite characters also show up here, but again, we’ll keep this review spoiler free.