Batman #34 Review

Posted November 2, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Joelle Jones

Published by: DC Comics

Tom King is proving that Batman is a hero for everyone with this arc. Funny. Intelligent. Badass!

After a series of pretty dark chapters, this new adventure with Catwoman is proving to be one of the most fun in recent Batman lore. King manages to pull this off not so much through story–which in itself is relatively interesting with the reintroduction of Talia–but with Batman and Catwoman’s ongoing jabs and interactions. It’s Batman and pure fun. Battle sequences are written well, but it is the character work that really shines. We get some really good character moments between Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, which shows us the growth of Damian’s character. The way that he reacts to the situations is almost 180 degrees from how he would have reacted back when he was introduced.

It is time for a family dynamic to kick in, and King proves that he has not lost the touch in that department since the Vision miniseries.

Joelle Jones’ art here is again magnificent as she is able to put the best of King’s dialogue and emotions on page. That is very clearly evident again in the Nightwing/Robin dynamic we get, as you see the reactions on Robin’s face and body language as the panels progress. The attention to detail is what made Jones’ run on Supergirl work and why a lot more people will find this particular arc more relatable than any of King’s other runs on Batman so far.  It is wonderful to see that she is not just a guest artist. I believe she is going to infuse this new direction King is trying to go with.

Batman #34 continues to show why King is the right person for Batman, and even though some arcs prior could have been heavy handed, it is nice to see that he is able to have fun with the Dark Knight from time to time. There really isn’t much wrong with this book other than slight pacing in the middle.

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