Batman #35 Review

Posted November 15, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Joelle Jones

Published by: DC Comics

Batman #35 is everything a Batman fan could want and more!

King has completely flipped a script in this arc. He wants to explore more fun aspects of Batman lore, and that is very clearly evident from the ongoing jabs between Catwoman and Talia. The dynamic is fantastic. The action sequences between Batman’s love interests are top notch, but more than that, it is their reasoning behind wanting to be with the Dark Knight that takes the cake.

King also humanizes Damian in a way that hasn’t been done since Grant Morrison’s run. His interaction with Dick is so touching, and it gives us Damian in a new light. He’s almost humorous!

Everyone has settled in their role in this particular arc, and after many “epic” storylines that have filled this particular run of Batman since the Rebirth issues, this issue feels like a vacation for our heroes as well as the reader.

Joelle Jones continues her stellar work on this book. Every pun, every line of dialogue, every action sequence is drawn so well that it feels like she was born to work on Batman. It’s rare that a reader can see joy seeping from the pages as the story is progressing. We can see Jones pouring all of her talent into these pages, especially all the smaller intimate moments between Catwoman and Talia or even Dick and Damian.

Overall this Batman arc has been a breath of the fresh air after the epic events of all the other chapters, and it is a must read for fans and non-fans alike.

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