Batman #41 Review

Posted June 11, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Greg Capullo

Publisher: DC Comics

“Yes Father, I shall become a rabbit”- New Batman

Batman #41 comes off the heals of a truly game changing issue that succeeded in being poignant while also setting up for an unpredictable story in issue #41. Up to this point in the series Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been masterful, causing many top scientists to hypothesize that they physically cannot create a bad comic. This issue follows this scientific trend as it is another memorable one, filled to the brim with amazing action scenes and even better character moments.

This issue serves very much as an introduction to the New Batman and how the person behind the bunny ears found their way there. It’s a really great character driven journey and it gets an extra bit of emotional resonance because of who N.B. is. There are a number of great character interactions, highlighted by a certain gruff detective and a trench coat. There’s also a rather underwhelming villain who N.B. defeats but that is very much not the focus of the issue.

Much of this issue involves convincing the person who is taking over the Batman persona to take on the Batman persona. This not only serves as a major plot point in the issue but as the new Batman is convinced that his new direction is a good one, so to is the reader. The last page cliffhanger is one that made me literally stand up, close the book and take a step back. It is very shocking plot point if it turns out to be true and Snyder and Capullo have said that each issue of this arc will have a moment that makes the reader stop and say, “Wait, what, they’re going there?, and so far they’re one for one.

Greg Capullo continues to be a modern day maestro on art duties as he masterfully introduces a number of different costumes and ideas that look both practical and awe inspiring. His Batman suit with the bunny like antennas is sleek, sexy and also wonderfully over the top. As I mentioned before, this issue is very much driven by strong character moments and as much as Capullo shines in action scenes, his best work lies in the various character interactions.

I loved the ending for issue #40 because it was a true shock. There was no press release, spoiling the twist a few weeks before it happened and that is something that is rare in today’s comic culture. Seeing as this issue focuses almost solely on the New Batman’s journey to becoming the caped crusader it, it’s a bit of a bummer that his/her identity was so openly spoiled in the New Comic Book Day issue and in various other places. Although this issue is still a great one, it certainly loses something by losing the element of surprise.

Overall, Batman #41 is a bold new start for what promises to be an exciting and mythos shattering story direction.

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