Black Dynamite #3 Review

Posted July 18, 2014 by Kierra Prince in Comic Books

Written By: Brian Ash

Art By: Marcelo Ferreira

Published By: IDW

Although Black Dynamite released as a mostly unknown independent film with a small release, it quickly turned into a powerhouse of cult films that has since spread to a remarkable amount of mediums. Black Dynamite got a cartoon on Adult Swim and even got a hilarious one shot comic. And after the success of that one shot, Slave Island, IDW has started a neat little series about the man who’s blacker than the ace of spades… if you can dig it.

Issue #3 is probably the best in the series so far because it comes together the best. It might not necessarily be the funniest or have the most shocking action or most ridiculous villain but this issue feels like Black Dynamite has finally cemented itself as a series and has determined where it wants to go. We get a bit more plot continuity than in past issues (no more jumping around between stuff as BD wanders) and the action and villains play out in a little bit more of a hilarious comic way. This is the issue I’d show someone if they questioned the series of even Black Dynamite as a comic book star because it’s almost everything you’d want in that classic adult comic book way: babes, beasties, and blood. And the art style is remarkably beautiful as Ferreira draws the majority of panels with a very high level of detail.

But really the main reason any of us want to read a Black Dynamite comic, besides the sweet action (which there’s plenty of), is the hilarious quips and little in-jokes that cemented Black Dynamite as the best form of Blaxploitation satire we’ve ever had and also provides some pretty great jokes about things that aren’t really funny (like institutional racism). There’s also a hilarious ad for another Farrante Jones item that I’m still debating sender an order for just to see if its real. These, unfortunately, can also be the downfall of the series to people who aren’t really familiar with the franchise or 70’s era black slang. The series revels in the fact that that Black Dynamite fans are pretty much ultimate fans that enjoy and support the project on so many different levels that it doesn’t really try to suck in anyone not familiar with the franchise. Hell, that Farrante Jones joke goes back to the trailer of Black Dynamite, in which Michael Jai White as Black Dynamite was actually hyped as All-Star Running Back Farrante Jones, a joke that exists because a large amount of Blaxploitation films relied on and hyped up sports stars as lead and/or supporting roles. Which should tell you whether or not you’ll get some of jokes in here. The comic is still hilarious (it’s basically a kung-fu master takin out The Man) but there will definitely be some head scratching for people who didn’t spend copious amounts of time watching Cotton Comes to Harlem, Superfly, and Dolemite.

To Black Dynamite fans though, the series is another great addition to the BD franchise and issue #3 is a fantastic place to jump in if you missed previous issues and don’t feel like picking them up.

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