Blood Feud #2 Review

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Art by: Drew Moss and Nick Filardi

Publisher: Oni Press

Walking home the other day, I was struck by the number of people who already have their Christmas decorations up. Just for those far off future readers, let me remind you that’s it’s currently November. Seeing as these decorations likely won’t be going down until the middle of January (another victim to the festival of “Christmas”) I thought, why not launch a retort? See, Halloween is my favourite holiday, and if Christmas can swallow the months around it, then so can this. Therefore, we’re here to celebrate all that is spooky by reviewing the second issue of Blood Feud. The first issue was a delightfully tongue-in-cheek horror comic in the style of 80s monster movies, and the fun continues, only with the action dialed up quite a bit.

While the first issue was rather slow paced with lots of build up, this one goes for a much faster, action orientated affair. Moss and Filardi really get the chance to cut loose with lots of really gruesome monster designs, exactly what I wanted after reading the first issue. The cheesy tone really comes into its own here; Bunn, Moss, and Filardi clearly have a ton of fun going nuts with this stuff and even the characters seem to  be enjoying themselves. That’s the books real main selling point: It has a ton of charm and heart to it, even if the characters themselves are highly forgettable. I can’t name another comic that goes from characters fighting hordes of vampires to someone taking down a charging bull in one punch at the drop of a hat. It has a very confident swagger, as if the creators are grinning ear to ear and nodding at you while you read.

Thankfully, the book never goes too far into the cringe worthy, self-parody territory. There’s actually a rather chilling scene in the middle, but I’ll not spoil it. I will say though, that despite being quite a shocking event, it fits the book perfectly and doesn’t feel like it’s in there to try and be “edgy”.

There are a few criticisms to be leveled, however. If you’re a really character-focused person then this book probably won’t be for you. While the characters are fun, and the book itself oozes personality and charm, the main leads kind of get lost in the mix. I’d struggle to tell you their names and personalities. Hell, I even forgot who was narrating the story! Another point that is probably more nitpicky, is the fact that they call the monsters “draculas”. I really don’t get this name. Like, I’d understand someone who casually knows monster movies calling them that at first, but they’re dubbed this by the apparent “horror movie buff,” and he calls them this multiple times. It just didn’t land with me, and I honestly found it to be annoying rather than clever.

Outside of this however, Blood Feud #2 is a very fun, charming comic that has a nice bit of a bite to it. It’s pure pop-corn entertainment and exactly the sort of book I’d reach for come Halloween, or just anytime I needed a fun monster-mash style comic. Now that things have started going, it looks like they show no signs of slowing down. It’s therefore easy to recommend Blood Feud to anyone looking to shut out the Christmas spirit and just have a violent, gory time.