Bob’s Burgers #1 Review

Posted August 28, 2014 by Kierra Prince in Comic Books

Stories By: Jeff Drake, Rachel Hastings, Justin Hook, and Mike Olsen

Art By: Anthony Aguinaldo, Bernard Derriman, Liza Epps, Frank Forte, Tyler Garrison, Tony Genarro, Brad Rader, Hector Reynoso, and Kimball Shirley

Published By: Dynamite Entertainment

As a pretty big fan of Bob’s Burgers, I am more than happy with this first issue. TV Shows often don’t translate well into comics (and sometimes vice versa) but Bob’s Burgers #1 exceeded in pretty much every way possible. I’m more than happy to let you all know that the same humor found in the show can be found in every panel and the writers have chosen to expand upon each character’s traits to create solid story foundations. It’s a nice nod that this series will be ultimately for existing fans of the show and that they won’t waste time in introducing the characters.

Each story in this issue is more or less centered around one of the 3 kids in the family. Tina’s story is first, Louise’s is second, and Gene’s finishes off the comic. The stories fit the kids perfectly. Tina’s story is a hilarious and bizarre “Friend Fiction”in which she imagines she’s actually a horse with great power. There’s a ton of perfectly awkward Tina moments in here and it legitimately feels like you’re reading something dreamed up by Tina. Louise’s story focuses on her attempt to dodge getting her picture taken on picture day a potential nefarious plot by adults. Gene’s story is about him being stuck in a burger costume and his turn from sadness over being a burger boy and his eventual acceptance and happiness. I personally found Tina’s story to be the best as I felt it used her character in the best possible and fantastic way. Her story was both overdone angst and high fantasy with a dash of hormonal teen hilariousness. Gene and Louise’s stories were by no means bad and I think that it may have been a better choice to debut them first as Tina’s story is so wonderfully written. It’s just really hard to go from a story about magical horses to a musical burger boy.

In between stories are short one-page breaks that feature Bob and Linda as the main sources of humor. In Bob’s case it’s Burger of the Day ideas which are just as funny as they are on the show.It’s  nice seeing the inclusion of something that most people love and it’s part of what makes the comic so nice for Bob’s Burgers fans. Linda’s page is a handy guide to how many glasses of wine you should drink for certain circumstances. This is probably the weakest joke over all but some of the art, as if drawn by Linda, is a neat little addition that fits her.

The art looks exactly like the show so there won’t be much surprise there. It’s still wonderfully drawn and with the action shifting to panels, you can see how much detail is put into things like facial expressions. Tina’s story is again the best. The art style becomes more fantasy like when the magical horse stuff comes into play and it does a really good job at helping to show that the events are the creative ideas of Tina. All of the art is bright and colorful and it really is a delight to look at.

I have some hope that this will be a fairly fun series. It’s going to be interesting to see if the Burger jokes will become a reoccurring thing as it does in the show and if they continue to focus on the kids for their main story lines. If you’re not a Bob’s Burgers fan there’s there’s nothing here to change  your mind. If you are a Bob’s Burgers fan then I’d definitely suggest this. It’s easy to believe that each story could fit fairly well as an episode and I personally feel that’s an important thing for a series based on a TV show.

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