Magic Pro Tour 2015 to see some changes

The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour visited Portland, Oregon for the first time this weekend, and the schedule for next year’s Pro Tour was announced on their twitch feed (and later on their website). The tour itself isn’t surprising, but the format is. The entire Pro Tour will be played in either draft or standard format, leaving Modern completely out of the highest sphere of MTG play.

Wizards was sure to assure players that Grand Prix tournaments, which feed into the Pro Tour, will still include Modern format, and that it will still feature in Day 2 of this year’s World Cup competition.

This is fairly distressing, since Modern is one of the broadest formats that players can work with. It spans all the way back to eighth edition, and has a pretty narrow list of banned cards, so Pro players will certainly feel the squeeze when they’re limited to standard decks which only includes sets from approximately the last year.

Another concern to some players is how this will effect the value of their older cards. I don’t think that what the so-called top 25 are playing will have much influence on the massive market for Magic cards, but I’ve been wrong before.

Also announced this weekend was the promo card for next year’s players at the main event of each Pro Tour Qualifier, a foil Griselbrand. They’ve expanded the prize suppport for especially large events (over 3,600 players), and changed the format for awarding Planeswalker Points as well.

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