Clue #5 Review

Posted November 4, 2017 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written by: Paul Allor

Art by: Nelson Daniel

Published by: IDW

Clue as an intellectual property has always surprised me. It’s a classic board game that plays on the tropes of the murder mystery dime novel genre, but in many ways has become more iconic than any of those stories with a set ending. In 1985 we saw the release of Clue as a movie, perhaps the only example of an entertaining board game-to-movie transition. Even that film had multiple endings, taking advantage of the fun of the game. Similarly, this comic book upholds the tradition of exploring what happens when a group of individuals with their own motivations are left to their own devices.

There is a fun amount of charm that comes from the writing, and that’s important when a story revolves around murder and lies. One new element this comic brings is a modernization of the characters. This tale reinvents the chromatic characters we are already familiar with, and I am genuinely surprised to find that I like what I see. Issue #5 begins with the death of Ms. Scarlet, but most of the book is told in a brief flashback to unravel who was involved and how everyone’s roles are coming together.

Clue is written as a 6-part run, so we can look forward to next month’s finale explaining all the loose ends we’ve come across so far, but I’m actually impressed the way each issue is able to stand on its own. It’s difficult to reach that final page and know we don’t have the ending yet, but it’s genuinely entertaining along the way with interesting frame composition and clever writing.

I want to recommend this book, but I also want to wait until issue #6 completes the set. A mystery is always best judged by how the pieces come together, and if #6 ends on a sour note, it will ruin the whole run. Let’s be real, though, it has been a good run so far.

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