Convergence #6 Review

Posted May 14, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Art by: Ed Benes and Eduardo Pansica

Publisher: DC Comics

Now that’s more like it. With issue number 6 Convergence finally breaks out of the closed off funk that plagued it for the first five issues and delivers a fun, pulse pounding and overall epic story that breathes new life into the event.

Up till now this series has been all about the heroes of Earth-2 and a couple of underwhelming villains in Telos and Deimos. Telos in particular was particularly forgettable as he was very much the stereotypical all powerful villain that we have seen many a times before in comics. This issue gives flips Telos around with the help of Dick Grayson and makes him into a hero, improving on his character and the grand narrative of the series significantly. Even Deimos is improved as he actually seems like a threat to the universe and his actions really set up for an interesting final two issues. That being said his emergence as a threat does not change the unfortunate fact that he is still very much a one note villain.

When Convergence was announced it promised every DC Universe world ever together in one series, fighting for survival. The problem was, that for the first five issues, these DC Universes were barely featured, as the story instead focused mainly on the heroes of Earth Two. This issue changes that as we see a ton of heroes and villains from across the multiverse all rounded up and it is awesome. Many classic characters who met their ends courtesy of big events such as The Crisis on Infinite Earths or lost in the whole New 52 relaunch return and their interactions are something special and something that left me with an ear to ear grin. Seeing a green Beast Boy alongside a non evil Donna Troy and a red underwear wearing Superman made me remember why I so excited for Convergence in the first place. There are also a fair bit of funny quips and interactions between characters, highlighted by Earth 2 Flash and Death of Superman, Superboy. Also this issue brings the current DC universe into the picture and really creates the possibility for this series to have an effect on the greater DCU, a possibility that until the point in the series hadn’t been present.

The art is also something that had been plaguing this series since the beginning as there has been very little consistency and had thusly been rather subpar. Enter Ed Benes and Eduardo Pansica. They draws the hell out of this issue, and this is easily the best artistic performance that this series has seen. There are a lot of pages in this issue in which a large number of Heroes and Villains are drawn together and yet they are all drawn cleanly and crisply. The final pages in which the heroes and villains that are fighting Deimos and the heroes and villains that are helping seem big and significant, really giving this issue the Crisis-e feel that it deserves.

Convergence #6 is a great comic book and it effectively breathes new life into the Convergence series. This is an issue that will leave you not just willing to buy the next issue but make you excited and properly psyched for the climactic ending that is hopefully coming.

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