Convergence: Booster Gold #1 Review

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art by: Alvario Martinez

Publisher: DC Comics

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat, this is not at all a comic for new readers or anyone looking to get into Booster Gold, this issue is a direct continuation of the events of the Futures End: Booster Gold story (which we reviewed here). Some people may view this as a bad thing, especially since a lot of comics are becoming more inviting and reader friendly, however I do appreciate the pay-off fans like me receive for paying attention to some of the smaller goings on in the DCU that are having a huge effect on the world. It’s very reminiscent what I liked about DC comics when I first got into them, piecing together seemingly small books into a large tapestry of the universe. It’s something that gives this issue a huge boost and made me much more excited than I would be if this was just a booster gold story. So yeah, any new fans should probably turn away now, but for any die-hards still around let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Like I said, this issue follows directly on from the Futures End tie in, we have new 52 and post-crisis Booster Golds finally meet, as well as the return of Rip Hunter, Michelle and, my personal favourite, Skeets. They group are attempting to find the Booster from Futures End and it’s nice of Jurgens to continue that story, as I found it quite interesting. We do in fact get an explanation for it and a ton of references and continuity nods along the way, leading to a fun issue for long-time fans. It’s great to see the band back together and it’s the exchanges between new 52 Booster and this classic, fan beloved continuity that really made the issue for me; a lot is made of the new 52 and it even incorporates what sound like forum comments, but I’ll leave those to discover for yourself. With that said, the majority of the issue features your usual standard superhero fair with a ton of DCU references for good measure. The traditional heroing stuff is pretty fun, however it’s nothing mind-blowing, leaving the aforementioned references and fan service moments to truly ignite the excitement. I don’t have any real issue with this, especially because it’s some really fun fan service, however it again highlights that unless you’re a continuity buff and love all those little details there’s not much in this issue for you.

Likewise, the art is very pleasing to the eye and carries with it a charming DC house art style from the pre-flashpoint era, however it’s not really something that’ll get you overly excited. It’s a very colourful style like feels traditionally iconic and like I said feels very like DC’s classic art style. Because of this we get an issue that feels very “classic DC” although does nothing new or innovative. Like the writing, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that and in fact I really enjoyed the art because of the classic style, it fit the story they wanted to tell and was a clever choice.

Overall this, like quite a few Convergence tie-ins, excels in reminding you of what you love and miss about the DCU. It’s a little hard to tell what’s coming up next for Booster Gold and the gang, but given the quality of this issue as a continuation of the story, I’m excited to follow where it’ll go next and would recommend it to any fans following his story.