Deadpool #1

Posted June 13, 2018 by Chris Berto in Comic Books

Written By: Skottie Young

Art By: Nic Klein

Published By: Marvel Studios

If any character in comics can make a reboot work, it’s Deadpool. The character’s built-in self-awareness lends perfectly to retconning major events, and smartly uses the recent success of the live-action movies to blend the MCU into the pages of his recent reboot. Behind the Merc is new Deadpool writer, Skottie Young, who in his first outing kicks things off with a bang.

The opening panels have Deadpool do what he does best, acknowledge the audience by explaining that through his reckless antics, he’s suffered from a complete memory wipe in his recent history and we’re catching him as he tries to rebuild. Taking from the mega-successful Ryan Reynolds movies, Young tosses a sort-of protege/assistant in Wade’s direction in the form of teen angst, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The chemistry between mirrors that of the films and is used to great success. Naturally, all this plays out beyond the 4th wall as Deadpool tries to recall meeting Negasonic in a “super-successful movie franchise”.

Deadpool #1 wastes little time in establishing his standard fair as a quick witted soldier for hire, and after an establishing opening sequence, Skottie Young makes a quick leap to the larger Marvel universe with many familiar faces, of which I won’t spoil here. What I will say is that Deadpool in this first arc is going to be the centerpiece of a potentially interstellar story, and from the early teaser I’m definitely on board.

This reboot isn’t all sunshine and rainbows however, the art direction leaves much to be desired. While the character of Deadpool himself looks fine, the supporting background characters are almost abstract in nature. Very familiar characters were almost unrecognizable, and had they not been surrounded by their own teammates I may not have been able to tell who they were.

Reboots or new #1’s in established comic runs can be hit or miss at best, but the team behind Deadpool #1 appears to be firing on all cylinders. By leaning heavily into the characters self aware nature, Skottie is able to establish a fresh start for both newcomers and series veterans alike. Fans of the Merc with a Mouth should definitely give Deadpool #1 a chance.

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