Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice #1 Review

Posted October 28, 2016 by Jonathan Crean in Comic Books

Written by: Will Corona Pilgrim

Art by: Andrea Di Vito

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I couldn’t wait to pick this up knowing that they have added “The Origin of Doctor Strange” in this issue. After reading Mystic Apprentice then the origin story, I wish I read the origin first. That being said, they go amazingly together, and if you’re like me and you don’t know that much about Doctor Strange, I highly recommend reading the origin comic in this issue first.

This story as you could guess starts with Stephen Strange still training to become sorcerer supreme. Stephen Strange seems to have come very far quickly with the exception of astral projection. This issue takes you on a journey of learning as he does, from books to sparing. The detail that Pilgrim puts in the dialog, internal monologue, and humor makes you feel like you are with Stephen Strange, learning along side him. The struggle for Strange is real and you can feel it as well.

The art in this comic is beautiful. Andrea Di Vito’s ability to show so much detail in characters and their surroundings will have you pausing while reading, to simply enjoy all there is to see, and there is a lot.

Mystic Apprentice #1 doesn’t have a lot of action, but the action that is there is easy to follow, and any mystic forces used in this issue looks great. The story grabs you right away and doesn’t let go when your done reading. This will be a title you add to your pull list for sure.

Not that I expect three comics in one, every issue. It was nice to read some old school comics.

Overall great story, great art, and if your new to the Doctor then the Origin story is for you as well. I can’t wait for the second issue.

Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice #1

Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice #1


Final Score

9.0 /10


  • Great Art
  • Brain grabbing story
  • Leaves you wanting more


  • Not too much action

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