Eugenic #1 Review

Posted October 6, 2017 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

Written by:  James Tynion IV

Art by:  Eryk Donovan

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Eugenics, the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding, has a negative historical connotation to it. Eugenic theories are typically used by racist supremacists and applied by genocidal dictators. It’s the tool of the bad guys. Tynion’s Eugenic series looks at what happens when the science is used for good instead, the “good” in this case being a completely, morally grey area.

Eugenic starts out in the future. The world has been decimated by a virus known as MDV, and dr. Cyrus Crane has single handedly saved the world by developing a cure. But there is more to the cure than it seems. Since the next issue takes place 200 years later, this is the only issue that we’ll see the characters presented. Which makes it even more impressive how well Tynion was able to write our main character and even the side characters that we meet. While it’s left open as to whether Dr. Crane is the villain or the hero, he’s characterized well enough that we can understand his motivations.

The themes that are explored in Eugenic are timely, and the way popular concepts and issues are subverted to fit the sci-fi theme is well done. The book is well paced and, together with the great art, has a nice, cinematic feel. I would liken it to a good Black Mirror episode.

Eugenic is a fantastic start to this new mini-seriesThe way the themes and the mystery of Eugenic #1 come together at the very end would make this a amazing book even if it was a standalone story. If you like sci-fi, this is a must-buy.

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