Gasolina #1 Review

Posted September 21, 2017 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

Written By: Sean Mackiewicz

Art By: Niko Walter & Mat Lopes

Published By: Image/Skybound

Gasolina #1 is a prime example of, “There’s nothing wrong with this book, however…,” which is a shame, because there really is nothing wrong with this book. Yeah, it’s going to be one of those kinds of reviews!

The plot is pretty cool: We got an ex killer-for-hire working on a farm with his wife who is a doctor. The farm is in Mexico where the drug cartels are thick and heavy, and by proxy, so is crime and violence. It’s a bad place and those stuck in the middle are just trying to get by. Also, there’s a supernatural, monster element in the background that will absolutely show up in the foreground before we’re all done.


The characters are pretty cool: The relationship between the killer and his wife is reasonably complicated and well written. I don’t know if I like either of them, but they’re serviceable. I buy what they’re selling, at any rate.

Neato again!

The artwork is pretty cool: The panels all look more than fine, and there’s some very nice use of color and shadow. Yeah a facial expression here or there could have used another take, but on the whole, the book looks good. The scenes that take place in the dark or near dark are especially pretty.

Neato x 3!

However, the whole package only ever feels serviceable. Nothing is wrong here, and hell, most things are very right, but I couldn’t get excited for any of it. Maybe it’s that I’ve seen elements of this story elsewhere (namely Predator 2), or maybe it’s just that there are not enough monsters. When I’m promised monsters early on, I really want to see monsters.

Maybe it’s that just a bit too much happens, but even then, I don’t think the book is poorly paced. The dialogue/art ratio is also acceptable.

I don’t know why I was bored.

I’ll end this thusly then: If my plot summary up above sounds intriguing, give Gasolina a shot. There’s a lot of promise here. I’m hoping this is just an issue of setup blues and with our characters and world established, things can get monsterish and interesting. If not, well, it’ll still be better than Batman Metal.

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