Goosebumps #1

Posted October 29, 2017 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written by: Jeremy Lambert

Art by: Chris Fenoglio

Published by: IDW

If you’re my age, there’s a good chance you grew up with some manner of Goosebumps in your life. I didn’t used to be much of a reader, but the television program delivered all the scary Canadian child actors I could handle. It’s always fun to be scared, if even a little bit, and honestly I think it’s important to have something in our childhood that kept you up at night. At least, once in a while.

IDW’s new Goosebumps series sets out to be a new generation’s look into beginner horror, and I think they chose a great format to tell these stories. Each tale will be broken into three issues, so let’s jump into the first act of their first story: Monsters at Midnight. This issue introduces two siblings, Mia and Ginny, who are settling in for a long, boring summer with their grandmother. In a desperate attempt to find anything of interest, the pair sneak out at night to visit an occult book store where they find not only some weird and dusty books, but much more than they bargained for.

You know, just like always happens in these sorts of stories.

Readers who know me will know that I can be very picky when it comes to kids’ books. For something to be interesting and worthwhile to a child, it needs to firstly look appealing. I have to say, the art in Goosebumps holds that bar well. It’s clean and colorful; all of the characters are very expressive, and every panel is clear and easy to read. The writing holds up as well. It’s all very natural, and I think easy to relate to for any young reader. Nothing in the book is so Lovecraftian-scale of horror that it will traumatize anyone, but there is a clear mood that sets in after dark and I can imagine this being the perfect comic to read on a camping trip or just under the bedsheets.

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