Green Lantern # 33 Review

Posted July 3, 2014 by Jonathan Crean in Comic Books


Written by: Robert Venditti

Art by: Rob Hunter and Billy Tan

I have to start off with saying this issue was action packed, which I love!

Venditti starts us off with the Durlan fleet invading the planet Zezzen for their seamlessly endless power supply and the Lantern Corp are racing to get there in time on Mogo (their now mobile command planet). Hal Jordan then leads the corp into battle against the Durlan and puts everything on the line to literally hold the line. With a few awesome twists and great one liners that we have come to expect from Venditti the story progressed amazingly with almost nonstop action.

Thankfully with all the action in this issue we had Billy Tan to take us through this cinematic adventure! His style of action is great! I love to see action in comics and when I stare at a scene more and more details become apparent. The way you can follow Tan’s lines and get lost in the shadows and still find more and more details in them makes you take another look at the entire issue for fear you might have missed something. This part five of six is a pivotal part of this story arc that you don’t want to miss, and is an absolute must for any Green Lantern fan out there that loves action. I cant say more then simply Venditti’s writing grabs you right in and Tan’s art keeps you there. Did I mention there’s a lot of ACTION?!I can’t wait for the next issue, it will be explosive!

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