Joyride #11 Review

Posted March 29, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Jackson Lansing, Collin Kelly

Art by: Marcus To, Irma Kniivilla

Publisher: BOOM!

Joyride, one of the coolest books in past several years is entering it’s endgame and it’s glorious!

This was one of the most focused books that came in out a recent memory. It was focused with it’s storytelling, conflict and characters. With being focused it wasn’t straightforward however and lot of mystery was still in store throughout the chapters.

Lansing and Kelly with Marcus To have created such a beautiful world that one could immerse themselves in. It was funny, action packed and full of fantastic character development and that is rare to have all of it in a singular book. They have managed to this throughout the entire run.

This particular issue first deals with a little bit of additional backstory for our characters as we find out how different they are, but also how similar they are in the same respect. The world of Uma and Catrin is both completely different, yet very similar in the sense of their family structure and it is that difference that brings these characters together and help them grow both on each other and also the reader as well.

Marcus to and Irma Kniivilla continue to portray these character in colorful and vibrant ways, showing off these similarities and differences throughout the styles and color pallettes they use. To manages to capture the imagination of these characters, and the world they inhabit with his unique style. It is part a manga and it’s part of traditional art and both of them work wonderfully for this book.

Joyride has been one of those books that doesn’t come out often and when it does it should not be over looked. It is truly something special as everything works. Characters are not caricatures, action does not feel forced, and everything is written with a purpose and with a sense of fluidity about the story. That’s what makes it as unique and interesting and a must read.

Overall, this chapter brings us one step closer to the final chapter of the Act I of the story. As of this writing there is not a plan for Act II, but one can hope it will arrive as everyone would enjoy revisiting the world of Joyride and the continuing adventures of Dewydd, Uma and Catrin! If you haven’t picked it up yet, if you haven’t read the other issues, run don’t walk, to the store and pick this up!

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