Justice League 3000 #7 Review

Justice League 3000 keeps catching and keeping my interest with every issue, issue seven
being no different.

Last issue left us off with Hal Jordan not being dead and him breaking free the Justice League and Ariel Masters from Coeval’s grips. In this issue, we jump right into the chaos of four members of The Five attempting to recapture the Justice League. As this chaos is happening, Giffen does us the pleasure of giving us more insite of The Five’s strategy plans. I couldn’t be more happy with this, knowing that something is up with the enemy just makes my mind race more, and the comic that much more entertaining.

After certain circumstances that allow the Justice League’s escape, Giffen leaves us wondering what horrible news is about to be dropped. When reading this issue you will feel like something is being hidden, something is not quite right and yes, you would be correct. Ladies and gentlemen, the twists and turns in this issue will leave your mouth wide open and hitting the floor.

On top of the well thought out plot line, we finally see big differences with our main characters. Superman is finally showing some humility and compassion, Firestorm steps up in a shocking way that could almost bring tears to your eyes. Wonder Woman is showing that she can lower her Amazonian shields and have a good heart. Plus, if you’ve felt there had been a lack of character development with the Twins, just read!

When I was reading issue one I was not a big fan of Porter’s artwork, thinking “that’s not Superman, Barry has blond hair”. After knowing what was going on in the series it all seemed to make sense, and I have to admit Porter’s sketch-like art has grown on me.

This issue kept you going and going. When there wasn’t action, there was intense plot details, if there wasn’t anything else, the fact that we are slowly getting our Justice League back emotionally, is a terrific thing to watch. Giffen is delivering in my opinion, and I’m excited to see where this story leads. It’s only seven issues in people! Get to reading!